#1 Irrelevant tip: Be all over the place, become a Jackie of All Trades and a master of none.
#2 Irrelevant tip: Low ball yourself and let others know that you are afraid of success…this really helps you to become passionately poor quick.
#3 Irrelevant tip: Keep listening to other people, start listening to your dream snatchers and your haters in disguise. You know the ones who don’t do much but always have a lot to say.
#4 Irrelevant tip: Keep procrastinating and thinking you have all the time in the world.
#5 Irrelevant tip: When you get rejected the first time, take that as a sign that this is not for you.
#6 Irrelevant tip: Keep comparing yourself to others. The more you mind other peoples biz, the less you will focus on your own.
#7 Irrelevant tip: Never ask for what you want, never raise your standards, never stand up for what you believe in.
#8 Irrelevant tip: Never ever build a platform, just keep waiting by the phone or hoping that someone may recognize your talent.
#9 Irrelevant tip: Don’t blog, don’t write, don’t package, don’t position, don’t network and don’t you dare tell someone you have a dream.

All of these tips will keep you irrelevant in the marketplace. Please do something about this. Join “Team Red” at The Activate Intensive http://tinyurl.com/as5a6hv

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1 Comment on Compromising Makes You Irrelevant

  1. Lisa Prosen
    April 1, 2013 at 10:55 am (5 years ago)

    Brilliant commentary Lucinda!!


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