Many people have read this awesome book by Napoleon Hill called Think and Grow Rich. Many of us have not become rich after reading it.  I thought if I read the book over and over again, I would one day get the “think” part right.
I was in for a surprise, just like most people I skimmed through the book looking for the golden nuggets, and missed the biggest nuggets of all, how to overcome the six ghost of fear in order to live a rich lifestyle.

Becoming rich is more than financial gain.  In order to live a “rich” life, mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, personally, and professionally, involved me examining my inner core to see which of the six fears I had, and which ones were hiding behind the ego.

Who did I call to help me? I called the Ghost Busters. I prayed and fasted against the following ghosts:
Poverty  and Criticism. When I overcame the Poverty mindset, I received my business concept and I meet my business coaches Andrew Morrison and Kadena Tate. When I overcame criticism, I was able to establish powerful and profitable relationships. I was able to have a personal relationship with God. When you are ready to release your fears, you will enter in the land of opportunity and the land of more than enough.

According to, fear is a power that hinders people to take action. In the last chapter of ‘Think and Grow Rich’, Napoleon Hill teaches how you can free yourself from indecision, doubt and fear.
” Fears are nothing more than states of Mind. ” Napoleon Hill

Download your free copy of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich by clicking here. I challenge you to examine which fears you need to outwit and overcome.  Call the Ghost Busters (prayers, fasting, counsel, meditating, affirmations, etc.) do whatever you need to do to release yourself to be rich.

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