Stop Playing Hard To Get.

When it comes to making a sale you must make it EASY for people to buy.  There were many times where I would have a book signing and would have a line full of buyers. Half of the people on the line did not carry cash and wanted to pay me with a credit or debit card.  Since I was not PREPARED and EQUIPPED. I would miss the opportunity of selling a book, CD or event on the spot.

I would get the following response that would make my stomach turn.

  1. You don’t have a credit card machine?
  2. You don’t accept credit cards?
  3. Do you know where and ATM is?
  4. I only have this amount of $$$ on me. on me.
  5. Can I buy the book online?
  6. I guess I will get my copy when I see you at the next event.
  7. I waited on line to get the book and I wish I would have known this before.

People do not like it when it seems as if your products or services are hard to get.  Yes, it is good to sell out at an event, but to miss out on a sale because I am UNPREPARED was enough for me to take action.  I know have invested in getting a portable charge card machine that connects to my phone called Square Up

The easier you make it for people to buy, the more they will buy. Don’t miss another sale by being unprepared even if you have to print out credit card authorization forms.

Whatever you are selling make sure you have the prices visible for people to see and a sign that says either (CASH ONLY), (CASH and CHECKs ONLY), or (CASH, CHECK AND CREDIT ACCEPTED).  Remember this rule: be easy to find, easy to call, easy to process, easy to deal with and easy to pay for.

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