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Lucinda Cross Interviewed By: Better Than Success Podcast

podcastLucinda Cross Interviewed By: Better Than Success

In our interview with Lucinda Cross, she drops some amazing jewels on how to Activate Your Life Now and how she helps amazing entrepreneurs such as yourself get started. She gets down to the nitty-gritty on how procrastination can be your ultimate downfall unless you learn how to master your mindset, so that your not just allowing life to happen. Lucinda has taken the world’s best kept secrets and helped them to gain exposure. She has assisted numerous Reality TV Stars with understanding how to maximize and monetize their rise to stardom. Lucinda instills in her clients two main principles utilizing 5 Pillars of Excellence:


  1. Master Your Mindset
  2. What is the Root of Your Business


  1. Faith
  2. Family
  3. Friends
  4. Finances
  5. Fitness

Click here to listen to the full interview. Mastering Your Mindset to Activate Your Life 

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Savoring The Success

How often are we caught up in the rush of doing life, that we never enjoy living the life.  I am talking about stopping to smell the sweet aroma of success on your journey.

Pace yourself.

Success is a journey full of inspiration and reflection. It’s a journey that should not be rushed through.

When you pace yourself you actually speed up your process. You’ll begin to see all those little things about yourself  and others that you missed before.  Pacing yourself allows you to savor every moment.  It allows you to experience the nine months of growth and development during pregnancy that most women want to rush through.


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Failure to Thrive Syndrome: visions and dreams

One of the big mistakes I made with my visions and dreams is thinking that I had to be a particular kind of person, or be in the “right place at the right time” or have the right background in order for my vision to manifest.

When I took a good look at some of the past success stories, this was far from the truth. I did not need the right background, I needed to take the time out to nurture and cultivate my vision, I had to nurture the burning desire for success and be willing to use my natural mother instincts which govern success and growth.

Many clients of mine have experienced Failure to Thrive Syndrome.  What’s that you ask?  Well, here is what happens to infants who suffer from Failure to Thrive Syndrome and tell me if this is something you are going through or have overcome in the past.

Infants require basic nurturing needs to be met, nothing strenuous but necessary. Such as love, touching, feeding, holding, keeping warm and dry, some attention, etc.  In fact, so powerful is the need to be nurtured that without it, the baby can develop Failure to Thrive Syndrome, which often leads to infant death.  The infant’s body is telling it that something is wrong, the infant begins to internalize this reaction to non reaction and it results into something fatal or deadly.  Please keep in mind; I am not a physician or pediatrician.

As it pertains to your vision and your dreams, this is equally serious.  If you do not love, touch, feed, hold, and nurture your vision and your dreams their reaction to growth is zero to none.  Why do I use such a serious analogy to get my point across?  I use this analogy to let you know that your dream and vision is your contribution to the world.  Your vision may save thousands of lives; your dream pursued and acted on, may keep the next individual from giving up.

When a baby enters in the world, that is an individual who has a destiny, a mandate and a mission already assigned to him/her.  When a dream is birthed or a vision activated, that is a solution to a major problem, no matter how big or small, it is a valuable and worthy solution.

If you feel as if you are losing the life of your vision and dream, just take some time to give it some TLC (tender, love and care) before putting it out to the world. Nurture your vision and dreams, cultivate it, feed it the amount of quality time it needs.  Before you know it, your vision and dream will nurture, cultivate and feed you. $$$

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August is the month for Acceleration

This is ACCELERATION month.

We need to kick it up a notch this month. When the velocity of an object changes it is said to be accelerating. Acceleration depends on the change in velocity and velocity is a vector quantity — one with both magnitude and direction. Acceleration occurs anytime an object’s speed increases, decreases, or changes direction.

Are you going to ACCELERATE this month? What?

Are you going to expand and stretch yourself this month?

Are you ready to change your velocity?

Don’t just get excited and say yes, you must believe it. You must declare it and take action on it.

This month I challenge you to get in expanded conversations, travel outside of your day to day life and outside of your day to day operations at work and in your biz.

What do you do that propels you and others forward?

How can you go beyond your comfort zone this month?

The key to moving forward and ACCELERATING this month is to look for opportunities to be of service, to give and to share.

Don’t parade around talking about ACCELERATING your life, with skeptical friends and relatives.  Their skepticism can overwhelm you and slow you down. Do this ACCELRATION silently and let your faith develop and your goals be manifested, then tell them, “wow, in August I changed the direction of my life”.

Walk the talk.

Be patiently persistent this month; keep your intent alive and strong.  You can ACCELERATE your life in both magnitude and direction.

I want to encourage you to leverage what you have scheduled this month, if you struggle visit for advice.  What are the things that will move you forward in your business and career? What needs to happen in order for you to ACCELERATE forward like never before? What programs do you need to sign up for? Events you need to attend? And people you need to connect with?

Talk to me, I love comments and make sure that you do these 3 things.

  1. Sign up for the FREE 6-day ecourse.
  2. Be a part of the Ask Lucinda Cross call tonight at 8pm EST (FREE)
  3. Visit the After Hours Mastermind Group and let me know if you will be one of the 10 joining the creative visionaries who make things happen this month.



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