How often are we caught up in the rush of doing life, that we never enjoy living the life.  I am talking about stopping to smell the sweet aroma of success on your journey.

Pace yourself.

Success is a journey full of inspiration and reflection. It’s a journey that should not be rushed through.

When you pace yourself you actually speed up your process. You’ll begin to see all those little things about yourself  and others that you missed before.  Pacing yourself allows you to savor every moment.  It allows you to experience the nine months of growth and development during pregnancy that most women want to rush through.

A miracle is waiting for you at every corner, crevice and pit stop.

But you will miss the miracle if you are in a rush.

Being a business owner taught me a valuable lesson about pacing myself in order to get ahead.  I have spent many years in business speed balling to the next shiny object.  The rush has rewarded me with plenty of accomplishments. But what I missed out on was the sweet smell of accomplishment, achievement and success on the journey.

I missed out on the experience of being pregnant because I was rushing to give birth.

I missed big contracts because I was rushing to get the small ones.

I missed to value the relationships I formed along the way because I was rushing to get to the next networking opportunity.

Don’t miss the experience of your journey this year. Every moment counts and every day matters. Pacing yourself does not mean you procrastinate. It means you take action and experience the greatness of being “in” the journey. 

It’s never too late to pace yourself.  You can make the choice, in this moment, to release yourself of that burden of rushing and accustom yourself to enjoy the ride of your life. Start to pace yourself when you feel yourself rushing, slow yourself down when you are on the phone, when you are on stage speaking, when you have to make a decision.

Pace yourself and witness the process.  You don’t want to miss the experience of smelling success, feeling successful, being successful and all the special moments along the way.


Written by : Lucinda Cross

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  1. Tameika January 8, 2014 at 7:42 pm - Reply

    That advice is well taken.

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