Producing content on a consistent basis can be very challenging and you may find yourself pulling your hair out when it comes time to writing another article, drafting another blog post, preparing another outline. If you’re not a content producer, sooner or later you’re going to come to the point where you have to ask yourself: “What am I going to write about?” Here are some tips that I use that can help you when it comes to coming up with content ideas.

Tip #1 – Explain an Expert’s Concept

One great way to produce some killer content is to take some of your favorite quotes and expert ideas and use them as discussion topics for your content.

For example, if you’re running a business blog, you might take an idea like Donald Trump’s “it takes as much effort to think small as it does to think big, so you might as well think big”. You can take this quote and turn it into a blog post about goals and planning or thinking big according to millionaires.

Adapt to Suit Your Business Environment:,

Tip #2 – Mistakes to Avoid

Another great way to write articles is to teach people what not to do. What mistakes have you personally made in this niche? What are common mistakes other people make?

You can either list several mistakes in one article, or go in depth on one common mistake that they should pay attention to.

Tip #3 – Share a Personal Experience and a Lesson

Is there a personal story you can tell that will help teach your readers a lesson? If you can tell your story in an entertaining and informative way will keep readers coming back for more. Everyone loves a good story and a good lesson.

For example, Zappos’ CEO Tony Hseih often shares the story of how he learned business lessons from playing poker. The lessons he learned later helped him sell his company for $1.2 billion dollars. The story is both entertaining and highly educational.

Tip #4 – Tell it Differently

If you feel like you’ve really exhausted everything you have to say, then take a concept you’ve already touched on and go deeply into it. Expand on it in depth. Take in consideration what your visitors say and direct the writing flow towards it. Make it back and forth with your fanbase on social media. If you don’t have many followers, consider hiring The Marketing Heaven, as even the greatest content is not worth much, if it gets no eyeballs.

In the spirituality industry, there’s one primary teaching that’s repeated over and over: “Be present.” This one concept is expanded upon again and again, filling up thousands of pages of content.

This concept doesn’t get boring because every time it’s told it’s from a different angle, with a different story or a different emphasis. You can do the same with your content at stay classy. What’s one important concept you can expand on?

These are just some ideas of how to quickly produce more content. Use these tips to help stimulate your mind, then use your creativity to create some knockout content.

Written by : Lucinda Cross

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