44years ago a great man died so that the 44th President could be elected.

Looking at what Martin Luther King talked about, marched about and believed, manifested years and decades later. I want you to look at what you stand for today?

How are you impacting others?

What speech have you been saying these past few years?

Have you been depositing words of healing or words of hurt into your household or even to those you come in contact with?

Is your message consistent?

Is your message authentic?

As you review the speech below, I want you to think about what have you been preaching about and speaking on lately.  This pertains to everyday general conversations on the phone, at work, with your family or your friends. Do they know what you stand for? Are you walking your talk?

Make sure your conversation is full of substance and change.  Just like our forefather Dr. King Jr. who walked his talk and it continues to manifest as we look at the manifestation with our 44th President Obama.

Your words can heal, hurt or change a generation/nation. Yes, it is that serious so watch what you preach, teach and present this year.




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Written by : Lucinda Cross

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