MVI_8880.MOV.00_03_54_17.Still002When we set out to achieve our goals and reach our milestones in life we can be sure on at least one thing – there will be difficult decisions that need to be addressed.

In fact, my #Activate rule of thumb states that if there are no difficult decisions on the table, then the milestone is minor and the goal is too small!

When it is time to make a decision in life we are placed in a position called POWER. We get a chance to choose what to do next and what happens next. Often our first reaction to the most difficult decisions is to “push it under the rug” but we all know that’s not productive.

The next response is often times to bully ourselves into stressful energy, but that never seems to work either. We’re much better off with the solution I call “Let It Flow.”

F- Free your mind and go into silence. Quiet the inner chatter so that the truth can speak.

L- Let go of the need to be right. Let go of the fear of being wrong, and the pride to have control.

O- Open up your heart to receive the support you need in making the decision and celebrate it.

W- Whole. Understand there is no right or wrong answer. You are not in a state of missing/lacking.

3 Sure-fire Ways to Make Really Bad Life Decisions


  1. Make A Firm Decision, Then Regret It

Justifying your message means that you are flip flopping and you begin to hemorrhage energy you give your power over to doubt. You begin to evaluate and over analyze your decision after it was made.

When making a difficult decision, take inventory of the pros and cons. Rid yourself of worse case scenarios. Most of the time we allow worse case scenarios to trick our minds into believing our decision is going to cause the apocalypse to happen.

  1. Ask Everyone For Their Opinion To Your Truth

If you really want to get confused, I mean really stressed out in your decision making, ask 7 people. Here is the formula for confusion. Ask three family members, call up two of your closest friends from childhood, text message a Facebook friend, and ask the lady at the supermarket you just met. I can guarantee you’ll get 14 different points of view from 7 different people, and no one will offer you the wisdom you’re seeking to make a firm decision.

Don’t fill your head with other people’s opinions, fears, concerns, doubts and biases on you. Opinions will put a blanket on your own intuition, inner truth and answers that only God can give.

If you want to get an outside point of view, I suggest you to visit and consult with someone who isn’t personally involved in your life or invested in your situation.

  1. Let Analysis Paralysis Drive You Home

Can you imagine getting in the Uber car and the driver says “Good evening, my name is Mr. Analysis Paralysis, where can I take you today?” I think you would hop out the car as if you’ve seen a ghost. “Analysis paralysis” will push you into making irrational decisions fast. It will lock the doors on your clarity, drive you down the wrong way in the fast lane, on a one way street. “Analysis paralysis” will never support your aspirations.

Don’t use the “I’m waiting on God” answer either. God is waiting on you to stop waiting on him and make a decision…

…hello somebody

“Analysis paralysis” is a limiting thought pattern that prevents you from truly experiencing the limitless supply of opportunities that surround you.

It’s time to rock out.

Share your best decision making skills in the comments.

Written by : Lucinda Cross

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  1. sharron July 31, 2016 at 1:36 pm - Reply

    This spoke to me. Thank you….I love the FLOW…..

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