Marketing your business is a must. In my observation the mistake most business owners make is marketing division, versus marketing leverage.

There are so many opportunities for you to get your products or services in the front of your target market. Most business owners over look the opportunities of expanding their reach and their brand awareness by thinking of “I” instead of “we”. You can collaborate and partner up with just about any business online and off.  It all depends on what they are offering, and if there is room to add value to what is not being provided.

Many people look at the competition and see what they are not doing right, when they should be looking at what the competition is doing right and then figuring out ways to create a cross- marketing campaign or joint venture.

For example a coach:

If you are a coach, couldn’t you find a virtual assistant who’d like to offer specific services to your clients in addition to your coaching packages that will help them with implementation?  This can add that extra value that most coaching packages do not include.  Here is your point of differentiation and you are now being marketed without any extra effort or time.

Another example is the graphic designer:

If you are a graphic designer, couldn’t you find a blog/website designer who’d appreciate your service for their clients as they focus on installation and customization of the clients’ website?  This can support your client in getting their logos, banners and custom images created all in one stop shopping.

I want you to think about your product or service offerings and begin to make a list of potential partnerships you can create.  Work smarter by working together.

If you need assistance adding value to your product or service contact us so we can support you in creating a “value added” plan. Use our online scheduler or email my assistant at

Written by : Lucinda Cross

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