“Just as the spider unfolds its web from
within its own being, so we must unfold
grace, wisdom and power from within
our own being.”
Joel Goldsmith

This past weekend I was able to sit back and reflect on the awesome job that the A-Team has done for the first annual Activate Conference held on Friday Sept. 20th, 2013. The team has been diligent and consistent in spreading the word and build the hype.  After moments of consulting with Stephanie Voong of SV Consulting, she had us set up with a Twitter Page, Instagram and she was posting on the Facebook fan page. 

With a team of Activate Ambassadors the Activate conference was a complete success, thanks to Neoshi Green and Ke’Aundra McIntyre. The vendors were trained and cared for by Coach Nic on how to work the crowd. Not to mention Monique Smith-Person from Maryland, this phenomenal woman had the audacity to charter a bus of 50 women who were hungry for Activation, and there’s more to be announced.

The point that I am making here is that we can try to get it done on our own but you are a powerful force when you have a powerful team.  Just as the spider unfolds its web from within, we must be willing to work on building a team from within. In order for us to see greater results in the outer world, we have to do the inner work first and it starts with you and within your team.

Every great successor has a team.

Every powerful leader has a team.
One plants, another waters and God gives the increase.

Here are 3 things to do to start building a team.

1. Ask for help. First you have to know what kind of help you need.  This artist by the name of Neo sings this song: “I’m a movement by myself, but I’m force when where together…you make me better”.  Drop all ego and pride and ask for help. You have not because you ask not! Get rid of the I can do this by myself attitude, it will keep you stagnated.

2. Share the bigger picture. Since people are not mind readers you have to be willing to expose the bigger picture in order to keep the team motivated. People buy into the vision, so go deeper than book sales and speaking gigs. Tell your team how you want their support in impacting the world.

3. Set clear and concise goals. Prepare an agenda for your team. Make sure you are able to answer the Who, What, When, Where and most importantly the Why? A team dream-killer is when you start relaxing and chillaxing on the task at hand. This is your vision and you have to take full responsibility by showing up, answering questions, checking in and making connections.

If you would like to join the A-Team inbox me for details at lucinda@lucindacross.com

If you would like to see highlights from the Activate Conference please visit the fan page at http://fb.com/activateconference

P.S.  Always give the team incentives. Everybody like to be rewarded.

Lucinda Cross

Mama Activator

For bookings contact Iris at booking@lucindacross.com

Written by : Lucinda Cross

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  1. K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy September 28, 2013 at 11:09 pm - Reply

    Great tips! I couldn’t agree more with number one. A lot of people think that if they put their dream out there will just flock to help. The reality is that you have to do more than say “I’m doing so and so.” You have to ask for the help you need that way people know that their help is desired and don’t feel like they’re ruining a one man show.

    Definitely leave the pride by the door. If you want to be surrounded by a humble team and people who will respect you enough to hustle with you to help you reach your dreams, then you have to be humble back.

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