How to Write Blog Post That Get Leads

The title of the post says, Can catch a fish without a hook? And the short answer is no.  You need bait and you need a hook.  Here is a step-by-step process I use to write blog post specifically designed to generate leads or catch fish.


  1. Use an opt-in form with a valuable giveaway on your web site. It can be a mini-site or your primary hub site, but it has to have a sign-up form in a very prominent place. I prefer upper right hand corner or as a pop up on the site. The giveaway should be extremely valuable for your target audience. Until you have that in place, you might waste your time, readers need a place to gather.  Take a look at for example.
  2. Choose a HOT topic or newsworthy subject that represents the number one reason for your target market’s frustration. Please be creative in this area. Get real specific with one of the problems they may be facing and address it in the post. Don’t just be generic in your solution, offer sound advice, tips and how to’s. For the month of June I will be sharing several “How to” post.
  3. Begin your blog post with a personal experience or a client case study.  People like to see the connectivity in the post. Readers want to know why this topic is relevant to their case and how they can relate to the story or case study.  Real issues, with real simple solutions.
  4. Create a list of about seven to ten steps, ways, or strategies to solve the problem.
  5. If your goal is to generate leads, or if your goal is to build your list, then you should end your blog post with something enticing, a free giveaway, a chance to enter into a contest, a free sample of your product or a free trial in your membership group.

This is just the basics.  If you keep your bait fresh, the fish will continue to bite. Putting together a writing schedule or a blog editorial calendar will help you with staying consistent.  Consistency is what brings in the leads, constantly in their face, constantly telling them what you can do for them, constantly showing them how to be better.  You have to be consistent and enticing in your writing and in your offer.

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Written by : Lucinda Cross

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  1. Kelly Green June 3, 2011 at 9:58 am - Reply

    Thanks for the tips Lucinda! I need to be reminded of these things every now & then!

  2. Kadena Tate June 3, 2011 at 12:50 pm - Reply

    Great post Lucinda. Congratulations on the new product launch.

    I wish to highlight your point about “setting an intention” . Many of us are awesome at capturing attention and building interest. We are good at educating, encouraging, inspiring and empowering our readers. We show that we can deliver valuable, mutually beneficial outcomes. Once the reader is engaged, excited and ready to invest in themselves by purchasing our products and services and then we drop the ball —> we fail to ask for the sale.

    The number of times that I’ve personally done this is embarrassing. I now feel no shame in saying that we all have an intention, for behind every blog post is the desire to get our reader to take an action — to feel or act a certain way, to purchase a product or service, to expand their paradigmn, to answer a question, to leave a comment, or even just to respect and value our contribution.

    Let us be bold and own the fact that we need people to purchase our products and services so that we are positioned to help more people. Thank you for helping us to have clarity and honorable intention before pushing the pen. .

  3. Jennifer Fivelsdal June 3, 2011 at 10:00 pm - Reply


    Great points. Irresistible offers and call to actions are key components of a blog.

  4. Sequoya Willis June 3, 2011 at 10:52 pm - Reply

    Thank you for this information. I do a lot of what you said, but what I do not do is the give away. I love it and I have noticed some sites have them as well. They catch your attention an are great opportunities to offer your product. This is something I will definitely look into. Thank you fo the tips.

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