HBOOK005 (1)No matter what the circumstance, there are two things you can always choose: your attitude and your reaction.

In life we go through a series of test that challenge us to learn how to be used for something greater than present circumstance or situation. Being used by God means that you are opening up your heart as a willing vessel. You may not like how life lessons feel, you may not understand the experience, but choose your attitude and reaction wisely in the learning process.


Understand that you’re chosen for this lesson.

Understand that God promoted you spiritually to handle this situation.

Understand that the lesson is in the experience, and you are being used to push the gold out of the lesson, rather than being the victim.

It is all about being aware of being used for the victory of it all. Being aware of your experience doesn’t mean challenges and obstacles won’t ever happen to you. It simply means you choose your reaction.

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Will you let difficult experiences discourage you from moving forward or will you see the growth potential in them?

Will you continue to allow your limiting beliefs reinforce your dissatisfaction with life, or will you put in the work needed to improve?

This is what owning your experience of life is all about. God knew you could handle this the moment you asked God to order your steps.

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Written by : Lucinda Cross

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