In order to be a successful chess player, you have to first understand how to play the game. You are probably thinking, Lucinda that is obvious. However, you will be surprised how many people try to jump into a new arena without actually educated themselves on the specific subject.

If you want to be an extraordinary No Deposit Bonus chess player, then I would say observe other successful players or find a mentor to teach you the tricks of the trade. In other words for every new venture you decide to embark on, such as being an entrepreneur or a public speaker, do your homework and study that particular expertise. Also, you should find someone who has traveled the road for advice.

The game of chess requires a player to hone in on their strategic skills and thinking. Therefore, the game seems to be the universal symbol of strategy. Although skills needed in the game of chess can be highly effective in other arenas, if you continuously study the game of chest you can memorize all of the possible moves one can make and all of the possible advancements their opponents can make. Of course, this takes a lot of practice and dedication. However, some fields there is no blueprint and you can’t predict someone’s move thus preparing to make your next. For example, the game of business is unpredictable. Unlike chess, you can’t think of all the possibilities of what may happen and try to find solutions.

However, you can learn and study the life of an entrepreneur. There are so much literature and business advice to build a successful empire. The beautiful part of entrepreneurship, once you gather all the information from business leaders and books, you have to still be creative and bring your own niche. You have to let go of the reigns and stop depending on the books and actually be the unique you which will differentiate your business from others. There is a point where you have to pivot, dribble, and shoot.

Because there is no blueprint for a business, you have to willing to build on the rules of the entrepreneur leaders with your own. You have to change the game! How do you change the game? By utilizing the basic foundation paved by past successful business owners and then inserting your authentic self. When people buy into your business, they are essentially buying into you. CHANGE THE GAME and you use your God-given talent and uniqueness to do it.

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Written by : Lucinda Cross

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