Welcome to a new day and a new opportunity to do better and be better.


Today is a great day to step out to be brave and bold.  I know you hear this all the time, “get out of your comfort zone”. What does this really mean?  When I first heard this saying I said to myself, “I am not in my comfort zone, I am quite uncomfortable with how my life is operating”. I was broke, single mom with lots of expenses and not enough money or time. All I had was potential. I was used to luxury cars, having nice things and the ability to do what I want, when I wanted with my kids. So stepping out of my comfort zone was a statement that just pissed me off every time the cashier would yell, “your card declined Miss”, or the ATM machine would hand me an insufficient funds receipt instead of the cash I requested.

Today is a new day. Today is a new year and today marks a fresh start for me to do better and to be better.  My journey from broke as a joke to feeling slap happy as my grandfather would say, required me to be more than uncomfortable. It required me to be comfortable in the uncomfortable, if that makes any sense to you.

My life changed in 2006 when I turned away from the predictable, cliché, and reliable ways of being. I had to evaluate what was working in my life and what was hindering me from excelling.

I needed a fresh start. I needed to get my groove back. The answers to these questions changed my dry season of broke to a season being bold and brave enough to embrace uncomfortable opportunities.

If you were starting from scratch, and you wanted to make an income offering your advice and how-to information to the world, what 5 things should you focus on?

If you wanted to become a highly-paid expert in a matter of months, based on what you already know and have lived through, what would you need to do first?

This incredible event with me, Lucinda Cross and a few other experts will answer these questions for you. On November 2nd-4th you are invited to attend the Activate Your L.I.F.E 3 day Incubator. We are offering a 2 for 1 deal.  We are encouraging everyone to bring someone along. Click here for more information.


Love and Light,

Lucinda Cross


Written by : Lucinda Cross

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