When asked “What do you do?” are you receiving the response you expected? I am not talking about your pitch I am talking about your core message that identifies your deliverables.

One of the rules to this question is to answer with confidence and clarity.

When you are in a networking event or conference full of the same industry professionals, you must have your core message tight and ready to deliver with power.  What makes your core message different from the rest of the 30 Virtual Assistants there? What makes you different than the rest of the business coaches or empowerment speakers?

Yesterday I blogged about “I’m More Than Just An Option”, that blog was designed to tell my prospects what makes me different, what makes me cool, and what I can deliver. This gives spectators and window shoppers the chance to see what my features include, what my personality is like, and some of the experiences I have been through.

In an event where everyone is doing the same thing you must define your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) by identifying your core message, this is what makes you different.

Here’s mine:

“Mompreneurs can increase their finances by creating three things in their business: a signature process, products, and continuity income.”

There are many business experts that work with mompreneurs at different capacities and different areas of their biz. I choose to work on “packaging their expertise and their experiences” (I am a Lifestyle Business Advisor).

To create your own “core message” follow this format:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What can they achieve or accomplish?
  • By doing or implementing what?

Your (target market) can (achieve or accomplish what?) by (doing or implementing what?)

Craft your core message and post it in the comments. If you would like support in crafting your message, shoot me an email and we will get you started. assistant@lucindacross.com


Written by : Lucinda Cross

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