On April 24th I had the pleasure of attending the Dr. Miracles’ Launch Event for the new Miracle Renewal on behalf of Bloggin Mamas NYC. All opinions are my own and, other than the invite I was not compensated for this post. 

I was excited to get the invite to this event based off of my personal brand. For many years I have been rocking my signature short hair cut with the blonde in the middle. I am constantly on the go, from speaking at events to fulling my brand Ambassador agreements, my hair was getting weak from the constant relaxing, chemicals and flat ironing.  My beautician decided to give my hair a break. Attending this event restored my hope in having healthy, strong hair again soon.

Outside of the fabulous decor, convenient location and star-studded networking with lifestyle publications and bloggers, beauty consultants, media and celebrity stylist, the presentation for the Miracle Renewal set the tone for healthy hair for Women.

As a public speaker constantly on the road, I need that assurance that my relaxer can withstand the temperature changes, stay healthy and looking fabulous. The Dr. Miracle Renewal releases in July 2014 and I am eager to have my hair stylist renew my relaxer with Miracle Renewal® No Lye Relaxer System. I was motivated by the fact that Malinda Williams shared her 24 hour experience of relaxing her hair in her hotel room the night before and loved the softness and sheen of her hair when complete.

The added bonus of this No Lye Relaxer is that it consists of extra virgin coconut oil that I am sure will help my dry and flaky scalp get the texture and moisture it needs.

Here are some of the take away’s from the presentation and panel discussion  that I would like to share that apply to the use of this awesome Miracle Renewal product. As well as life in general.

  1. Understand that timing is everything
  2. Follow the instructions and DO NO cut corners
  3. Seek a professional for help if you are not sure what you are doing.
  4. Pay attention to the indicators
  5. Stay consistent with the brand and the additional products

Take the time out to visit www.drmiracles.com site and check out the tutorials and release date for the Miracle Renewal® No Lye Relaxer System.

Written by : Lucinda Cross

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