Having a great newsletter can increase your business by as much as 5 fold – Or more, if you do it right! In fact, a newsletter is one of the most crucial tools in business, yet many beginning marketers miss out on it. Why is a newsletter so crucial and how can you start your own newsletter? Here’s the inside scoop.

Why a Newsletter is So Important

A newsletter is crucial because most people aren’t willing to pull out their credit card the first time they hear about someone.

Instead, they prefer to get to know you and your content bit by bit over time. As they get to know you and realize you’re the real deal and that you can help them, then that’s when they’ll be willing to pull out their credit cards and make a purchase.

To build this trust, you need to build a connection over time. A newsletter allows you to stay in touch with people even after they’ve left your site.

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Getting Started With a Newsletter

The first step is to get an autoresponder service. There are many services, such as Aweber, GetResponse or iContact to choose from. If you have a shopping card system, that may have a built in autoresponder as well.

Once you have your autoresponder setup, the next step is to get people to sign up for your newsletter.

The best way to do that is to have your newsletter on the front page of your website. Clearly tell your readers what they’ll get by signing up to your newsletter. Then ask them firmly and powerfully to join your newsletter.


It’s important that you have a set consistency at which you send your emails. In general, anywhere from once a week to once a month is a good consistency.

If you send your emails more than once a week, people may start to think its spam. If you send your emails less than once a month, people will forget about you.

Once you pick a consistency, stick with it so that people know what to expect from your website.

Building a Relationship

A lot of newsletter writers spend a lot of time on their headline. Because, that’s what gets emails opened after all. Right?

Wrong. Your real headline is in the “from” column. People look at who the email is from more than the subject when they’re deciding whether or not to open an email.

Your goal is to build a relationship with your readers, so that they know when they get an email from you that they’re in for a treat. What better place to go about than social media – a place where people spend most time online by just ‘hanging out’. In order to draw in more followers who would want to read your newsletter, you might want to use services of marketing company such as Pistachio Consulting just to kick it off. After that, it’s going to be interesting, informative and useful. You’re not going to spam them.

If you build a relationship with them like that, then your emails will get opened – Almost every time.

Again, having a good newsletter can increase your business by many fold. Start by creating your autoresponder and getting signups. Then, pick a mailing consistency and start to build a relationship of trust with your readers.

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Written by : Lucinda Cross

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