1376498_828661743837690_1412289054102603038_n11024699_828661747171023_6091972272946124451_n Create a marketing mix to get your vision and message exposed. Pictured below I am with my mom and my hubby at my first signing in 2009. I took my time, I scouted my market, I listened. I made connections before the book was completed. I supplied based on a need.

That night I sold over 200 books and over 300 online. About 40% of the people who came I did not know. I walked into libraries handed out fliers, met with PTA teams, went into unemployment offices, passed out fliers at nail salons, beauty shops, parking garages, Girls Scout meetings, met with Day Care center directors and all. You have to do more than post on Facebook.

The ground work to make that special connection is vital. After the signing, I was called to do my first TV interview on ABC News Money Matters. Don’t commit brand suicide because you are rushing to put out a premature product and not doing the work to get results.

4 ways you can build the buzz around your vision:

1. Write it out via blogging. I blogged about everything pertaining to moms leaving their jobs, moms who were working on a side hustle. I made friends with as many mom business owners and mommy bloggers. It takes time to establish your blog but the results are well worth the effort. Keep your social media messages fun, light and informative…leave the heavy conversation for your videos or conference calls.

2. Build the excitement. Many people fail to keep up the excitement around their brand image. Some people have the same newsletter format or no format at all. Some have the same message or look or no clear message or signature look at all. Building and keeping your list starts with you being involved in the activities your list would love to be involved in. What is exciting about your message and how can your audience celebrate with you?

3. A dollar and a dream. Everyone loves contest. I like to host contest similar to what the major magazines in my niche do. My audience have a better chance winning my contest than an Ebony Magazine contest. This is a very effective way to market your business. Use a good prize or reward to entice your peeps. It also gets people talking about your brand, find more on this link.

4. Show your face. Use videos to share your vision and market your message. Commenting on videos relevant to your niche is a great way to engage with users and increase your visibility. Don’t just post promo videos about your products or services. Create some instructional videos that can help your audience solve a problem.

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Written by : Lucinda Cross

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