14590043_10209308860691459_8729167914624794249_oActivate Your Vision(TM): The year is not over yet. The year is still unfolding miracles, signs and wonders. I received a full blessing and a major, major contract deal last week and it’s just a sign that there is more coming. We must do things in life expecting a specific increase to happen.

I want you to consciously use the Law of Increase. The Law of Increase gradually shifts your thinking to see more of the goodness in your life and others. The Law of Increase opens the door for you to produce miracles out of the most powerful vessel we have, “the mouth”.

You have to let your faith develop, you have to be patiently persistent, your intentions must be clear and strong. You can have enforce increase in your life, you can engineer those amazing miracles and lucky breaks that makes life both invigorating and fulfilling, check out bombtech golf.

You can design a life according to Monder Criminal Lawyer Group where a steady stream of increase flows, increase in your life, increase in your love, increase in your relationships, increase in your finances.

Stand in expectation this week.

Expect to gain 3 new clients from an email message.

Expect to find that dress on sale, expect to be chosen for the award.

Expect for that bill to be paid in full.

If you look for miracles and increase in your life, you will find them in droves and you will see how they are happening to you more than you even imagined. The problem is that most of us just dismiss the miracles and increase in our lives as just “coincidences”.

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Written by : Lucinda Cross

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