Leadership hurts.  The results are worth it, but it will take some breaking, shedding and releasing.

“Being a successful leader is never an accident. It is always the result of making a commitment to excel, strategic planning (daily) and focused and clear efforts.”

Let’s look at the stone cutter and the rock cutter, who hammers away for hours and days, relentlessly to see the rock or stone crack. After the 101 hit or the 1001 blow the rock or stone cracks.  The hammering process may have been painful and may have caused them to grow tired and weary but knowing that it can be the next hit that can crack the stone is what keeps them movtivated to keep going.

As a leader it may be hard to keep going when it feels like nothing is happenign from all your effots, you work on something hammering at it, you give it your very best but you still see no results. In my expereince and observationyou have to be willing to stretch yourself to new levels of performance.  You have to endure the pain just a little while longer because the breakthrough or transition you have been waiting for can be in the next blow.

Its going to be tough but keep hammering.  Leaders don’t quit.

A great leader can inspire and motivate people to do anything.  So take your leadership skills seriously, people are listening and watching. It may be painful to keep up the momentum, but the rock will crack, the breakthrough will happen.


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Written by : Lucinda Cross

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