At any given moment you can turn to your nearest woman and ask her, what is one thing she wants and at the top of her list in her top five she will most likely say balance.

Many people are tuned out spiritually, tapped out financially or stressed out physically due to the lack of balance in their lives. My question to you is where is the balance? How can I get some? Is it enough to go around? How long does it last? Does it come in colors? Are there stocks for this?

In all seriousness if you are not balanced then most likely you don’t have order, if you don’t have order than your life is out of whack.

Balance helps us weather the storm in our lives, especially in our business. When we have balance we have stability, even when an unexpected and unpredicted storm comes our way, we are well equipped to handle the sudden waves and the strong winds. If we stumble and fall, with balance in our lives we are able to get right back up quickly and keep it moving.  This is why balance is essential to our well-being.

Including balance into your life, improves your value in all areas of your life including your bank account.  Add balance into your life and watch how everything that was impasse begins to flow effortlessly.

Remember quality not quantity.  Don’t get caught doing a little bit of EVERY-thing and not focusing on THE-thing that matters most.

Answer these questions:

Who benefits from you doing what you do?

Does what you are doing contribute in any way to the greater good of the world in any way?

Do you have a family? How does your family fit into all of what you’re doing?

Is what you do an expression of who you are?

On that note, learn how to keep your balance.

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Written by : Lucinda Cross

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  1. Jennifer July 31, 2011 at 7:39 pm - Reply

    As a thrirty-something mom and a stay at home entrepreneur, I can really relate to this! I plan on following your blog and using your tips!
    Thanks for taking the time to try to help other women cope with everyday stress more effectively!

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