Do you truly believe that “It’s Possible”?

I truly believe that it is possible not only for you but for me.  What you want to receive in life you must give to others.  I believe that it’s possible for you to achieve your greatest desire.  I believe it’s possible for you to raise the bar. I believe that you can be the best, have the best and do the best in this life.

If you want love, you have to learn how to give love, and then give it freely.  If you want appreciation, you must learn how to appreciate, and then give appreciation.  If you want abundance, you must help others find abundance.

Giving others what you desire is the simplest way to get your own desires met.  This is the biggest law in life.  The law of giving.  This means that you are joyfully and cheerfully giving with no regrets or cringe in your spirit. Giving is the mindset. Giving is a magnet.

Think about what you have been expecting to receive or expecting to attain?  If you have not received it, ask yourself “Have I sowed the same seeds that I am expecting a harvest in?”.





Written by : Lucinda Cross

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