Activators here is my message for you: Anything less then awesome gets thrown out the door. If you are going to create it, make it awesome, if you are going to say it, make it awesome, if you are going to plan it, make sure it knocks the socks off of your audience. Got it?

Must Haves:
1. Make sure you create a specific, concrete, financial goals. You can’t just wing it, millionaires did not wing it, they are strategic about their day to day goals.

2. Have a range of offerings that fit with your goals.

3. Create concrete goals on how many of each of your offerings you need to sell each month, and how long they’ll take to deliver.

4. Clearly Identify and describe the people who will love your work and will love what they want from you.

5. Craft your signature message that will set the mic on fire.

6. Put together a outreach action plan. Who will you contact? Who will you pitch to? etc.

7. Have a fun, enjoyable and actionable marketing plan that showcases your brand in living color.

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Written by : Lucinda Cross

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