Before you begin to start marketing and selling your products you should look at your business model as a whole.

I want you to take a good look at your market.

Now, take a good look at your market potential.

Can you capture 25% of the market share of your target market?

There are thousands and thousands of organizations, coaches, service providers, info products, representatives, multi level marketers, bloggers, experts in their own field, gurus, etc… Your Money Mojo is hidden in your uniqueness not your sameness.

Are people crystal clear on what you do?

It is imperative that you position yourself first place in your target markets mind. You do that by putting systems in place.  Your clients must go through a seamless process that flows.

Do you have systems set up?

I used to work behind some of the top internet marketers business models, one thing they all had in common is systems.  The systems supported them in cultivating proactive relationships and that supported them in leveraging opportunities.

Here is a sample case study of a current client that I am currently supporting with her Mojo.

Here is an example of questions I asked her prior to creating her Mojo. This particular client was interested in working with women celebrities and public figures.

Let me put my coaching hat on:

Okay Jane Doe let’s get started…

1. What are the top three things your clients want most?

A: To have better communication with their family, to make more money, to give back to the community.


2. What are their top three fears?

A: Getting a divorce, having poor health, not leaving an inheritance for their children.


3. What are three solutions you currently provide for this problem?

A: Lifestyle coaching to help with her relationship with her husband and family, access to resources to support her in project management, creating a business and life plan.


Answering these initial questions was an important step before finalizing her Money Mojo, and the answers also helped Jane Doe recognize various opportunities she might have missed. To complete my evaluation, I asked additional questions:


  • What method of access do you want to give your clients face to face, email, phone, video, or snail mail?
  • Would you be interested in partnering with talent agencies and publicist to provide services to enhance their clients brand image?
  • Have you considered targeting the organizations and associations many of these public figures are members of, such as the NBA Wives Association, The Professional Sports Wives Association, or WEEN?
  • Have you considered connecting with women in the entertainment industry who would like to start their own businesses or philanthropic venture?
  • Since many affluent women travel, have you looked into partnering with travel agencies, and perhaps offering coaching services along with a retreat during All Star games when most wives are home alone?


Based on her answers, it was time to design Jane Doe’s Mojo. Her initial responses revealed the three main concerns of her target audience: (1) Image and Brand; (2) Health and Wellness; and (3) Family legacy. Using these concerns as the root for Jane Doe’s solutions, here is a sample product funnel we developed together:

Level 1:

– A book and audio CD package  Price: $20-$100.

– A private membership community featuring weekly or bi-monthly teleseminars, guest speakers and resources. Price: $297-$497 a month.

Level 2:

– An VIP seminar, featuring guest experts specializing in finance, health and relationships, led and facilitated by Jane Doe. Price: $1000-$3000.

– A quarterly bootcamp–offered either live as a vacation-style retreat (preferred for this target audience). Price: $3000-$9000.

Level 3

– A group coaching program comprising three modules: finances, health and relationships. The end result is a personalized life/business plan for each client. Price: $300-$500 a month.

– Individual coaching. Price: $500-$900 a month for 90 days or 6 months.


Keep in mind, any of the events featured at the different levels can also be recorded and offered later as info products.

How can you begin to work your Money Mojo? We all have it, we just need a little support in packaging and assembling it. For the month of August ONLY.  Here is what I decided to do and my coaches are screaming at me right now for doing this, but I will take the heat if you step up to the plate.

Are You Ready To Get Your Mojo?

If you’re ready to start creating your Mojo, then here’s how we get started:

  1. Purchase your consultation using the link below.
  2. You will be immediately sent to my online calendar so we can get you scheduled.
  3. I need you to show up transparent and ready to take action.  I have to get a full diagnosis of your Money Mojo, so honesty is the best policy. Each session includes an hour or so of check ups, questions, answers and solutions.

You’ll walk away with a customized Money Mojo, action steps, an implementation plan, and a better insight and perspective about your uniqueness.

If you don’t walk away with what you expected, I will immediately refund your payment. No questions asked, no lost love, no unfriending you or unfollowing you.

Ready, Set, Go


Written by : Lucinda Cross

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