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I had the pleasure of going to a Crave chat in NYC.  As one of the invited guest panelist our discussion was based on the following topic:

“Flip It Before You Ditch It! Have you ever considered doing the exact opposite of what you’re doing right now? Maybe with your whole business, maybe with a small part… brainstorm what it would look like if you completely flipped it! This is a valuable exercise that, at the very least, will inspire a myriad of new ideas for your business.

Not only have these panel speakers flipped aspects of their own lives to make them happy, but they have built careers around helping others do the same. This month is more than a CRAVE chat of sharing great tips and resources. We invite you to a workshop where you can share your current business concept and receive. We will collectively brainstorm possible ways for you to flip it into something new that makes you happy.”


As one of the guest panelist in the room, I was able to sit back and observe the energy and the passion that these womenpreneurs had.  I have attended many workshops and networking events and this by far is one of the best.

Here are some important qualities I love:

The intimacy- NYC is overcrowded with events and networking gatherings.  Entrepreneurs are not lacking direction in this city, but what we are lacking is quality groups, small but powerful and that is what Crave brought to the table.  Something intimate that allowed each attendee the opportunity to get as much support as they wanted, some even raved about their business concerns and refused to walk away without them answered.

The location- the location was in a central area and outside was quite busy and was surrounded by lots of places to eat afterwards if you wanted to connect further and most of all it was a small business work space called:  Entering the location on one side is the mini conference room where we all gathered and on the opposite side was booth space for people who needed a virtual space to work and I seen one mom there with her son just plugging away at her business. (Awesome)

The team- The people who were hosting and representating for Crave were inviting and made you feel like family.  Instantly as I sat down I was greeted with a smile and shoves of agreement throughout the conversations, we laughed and joked as if we were girlfriends already. Anytime you have someone representing your company make sure they represent the brand image and these ladies were awesome.

The panel- This was a perfect set up.  We each complimented each other; we each had a huge sense of humor that lightened up the conversation of business and most of all we are already thinking of collaborating and taking the show on the road. I have been to some panels that were more of an EGO challenge, where one panelist wanted to appear savvier than the others, but this was quite different we all had an expertise and we all finished each other’s sentences.  It was weird how it happened but we had fun.

Crave was a great place to be on a hump day (Wednesday).  To top the night off we had one of the sponsors Love Potion 214 give us a delicious taste test of their Love Potion 214.

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And my new BFC’s: Best Friend Coaches are

Rebecca Rodskog

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Special thanks to my agent Desiree Frieson who stayed calm during my rant in traffic, since Obama was in town and Bieber fever was at the tree lightning.  Talk about a gridlock alert. I could have got out of the car and walked and would have been there faster than the traffic that night, but it was worth every minute of it. #getadrivernexttime




Written by : Lucinda Cross

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