New Author Tip #2: Purpose driven writing and the big WHY

Why are you writing this book?

Why is this topic relevant?

Why someone would read it besides your Nana and your best friend?

This is the day that you answer the big why questions.  The answers to your big why will be the reason why your book is chosen by book clubs, organizations, presentations and maybe even used as a teaching module.

Determine your books purpose, and post it on your writing journal. Surround yourself with the purpose because it will motivate you to keep on keeping on.  The purpose is what turns your book into a gift of meaning to others to become the best version of themselves. Your book is the book that will help people accomplish or achieve— ‘more love,’ ‘more health,’ ‘more money’ or ‘to tap into their potential or hidden assets,’ ‘awaken their passion.’ You get the idea!

All of this must be determined before you put the pen to the pad or the finger to the keyboard. Meditate on the questions and the big why. Your books purpose is the foundation of your “author platform,” It’s where your book comes from, and how the books purpose will be driven to the hearts and minds of the readers. This is what will breathe life into the book.

Resource: Put your title to the test using

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Written by : Lucinda Cross

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