Keywords and keyword phrases are words and/or phrases the search engines look for when they search your site or blog or article.

Search engines only work if they can return relevant content to the people who are using them to search, so it’s very important to them to find articles that go well with the search terms people insert in the search box.

Search engines look for keywords in several places:

  • In the metatags at the beginning of a web page
  • Within the header tags of a web page or article
  • In the body of text on a web page, especially in the first paragraph and the last paragraph or of your site or article.

Reserved Parking for Your Keywords
If your article is about networking, for instance, you want to look for keywords like social media, social networking, interactive media, online social networking, home networking, ingredients, etc. to trigger the search engines to properly catalog the article.

Make sure you put in enough keywords so that the search engine will understand that this is an important article and content rich on that topic, not just mentioning the keyword and not putting in so many that the reader can not understand the article. Most keyword article writers think between 3% and 7% of your words being keywords or keyword phrases is good enough.

Here is a cool keyword searching tool: open Google and type in keyword generator. It brings up a page where you can either type in a few words yourself and it will give you more OR you can link it to your website and it will scan it and come up with a list of keywords.

Written by : Lucinda Cross

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