Have you ever heard of the phrase “Content is King”? Content is the ruler of the online and offline market.  If you are able to create content that is both relevant and supportive, you will always have a nice group of followers interested in your written material.

Many people write blog post and articles, but forget that there is more to it than just posting, tagging and categorizing.  You must and I repeat, you must distribute your materials in order to build a loyal following.

The proliferation of information online has given us entrepreneurs a chance to stand out using various degrees of content. Some content is authentic, some just huff and fluff, some fictional and some valid. In this post we will focus on the distribution of your written master pieces regardless of the degree of information.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to gain credibility and clients in your niche is by article marketing.

Syndicate Yourself: Article Marketing and Google’s Linking Algorithm
Step 1: Stay away from Boring Post and lengthy articles

People tend to scan article from top to bottom looking for something that ignites either emotion.  If they find your article, interesting   they will print it out or bookmark it to read later.  Make sure your articles are written in the following style:

  • Make sure your articles sound conversational in order to engage your reader
  • Use shorter paragraphs and lots of bullets and checks, it makes reading easy on the eyes.
  • Do not have long run on sentences
  • Internet articles are shorter and the average is about 500-750 words.
  • Repurpose, reuse and recycle your articles and create tip sheets, ebooks or a mini book

Step 2: Article Directories- Use these sites to get article ideas and to also use to distribute your articles.

Step 3: Google Marketing- I decided to use Chris Ellington’s post for Step 3. I love his Bonanza Approach.

By: Chris EllingtonThe Article Marketer Bonanza Approach – Step by Step:

What is Google’s linking algorithm? 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the googlebots are spidering the web, seeking out content, classifying and indexing the billions of web pages available to web surfers.

Bonanza Step 1: Submit one of your articles today. This allows the algorithm to begin working. Watch your links increase.

Bonanza Step 2: Submit the second article next week. Google goes to work on that one. You just added several new links, and you’re not near the peak yet. Now you’ve got two articles climbing the charts.

Bonanza Step 3: Submit the third article the following week. Again, Google gets busy. More links on top of the growing links from article two, which have been added to the large number of links that are already pointed at article one. You’ve set things in motion.

Bonanza Step 4: Ok, it’s been three weeks, it’s time to write a few more articles. Set aside a few hours and capture your wisdom on paper.

Bonanza Step 5: Submit your articles, one per week, over the next three weeks. You’ve now got six articles in the market place, and you haven’t yet reached the peak. Your link count is going crazy.

Bonanza Step 6: It’s now week 10. Your first article is dropping off the charts as Google “settles in” on the links it’ll keep. That’s ok because article 2 and 3 are holding your link count high, and you’ve got three more climbing the charts.

Bonanza Step 7: That’s all there is to it. You keep submitting new content and Google rewards you with a permanently high link count. You can keep this going indefinitely. Your link count will never drop.

Depending on how prolific you are as an author, you could submit your articles faster – two or three per week. If you love writing and you write articles on several topics, you could submit new articles every day. You’ll always have new fresh content bringing new links to your site

See, it’s not always about resources. With the Article Marketer Bonanza approach, you’ll be doing something Bill Gates wishes he could do – you’ll be staying one step ahead of Google!

Article Source: http://www.articlesontap.ws

Chris Ellington founded http://www.articlemarketer.com/>Article Marketerto make article submission easier. He made the Article Marketer Bonanza approach easy because authors can submit unlimited articles for one low price (even free). “Auto Pilot” helps too. http://www.articlemarketer.com/

Bonus: Use Link Track http://linktrack.info/

Written by : Lucinda Cross

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