Lately I have been considering a new style of dress when it comes to branding my public appearance.  I went through a phase of wearing plain corporate suits, then fancy suit jackets, then vintage dresses and now I just love to find my dresses in little boutiques in the village of New York.

But I am considering a new style that can really brand my personality and my presentation. A POWER DRESS is what I am in the search of.

Do you have a certain brand style in the way you dress?
Or a hat style or scarf signature?Do you have a certain accessory style or color?

What about that Power dress?  Men have a power suit and a power tie.  I am on the search for that Power Dress since I love wearing dresses so much.

I started to check out some of this elegant lady and I see that the dress adds to her look and speaks volumes in my eyes. Sexy but classy. Daring but Crisp.  I would love to hear what you think and if you have a certain signature piece or style, feel free to post a picture and share.

I would love your feedback.

Here are some pieces I like that Gina Torres, a television and movie actress is wearing.






Written by : Lucinda Cross

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  1. katrina harrell August 17, 2012 at 3:30 pm - Reply

    you always have goodies on your blog when I stop through. funny you share this…i’ve been on the SAME journey 🙂 I’ve been frequenting this blog…

    as this young lady and a few other websites embodies my style and my “power suit” almost exactly perfectly.

    Free spirited, daring, edgy, super confident, creative but well put together, focused “boss” and ….liberating 🙂 a plus sized girl in leopard skirt is a bad sista in my book. I’ve checked out her styling services too and can’t wait for her to hook me up. I cleaned our my closet a month ago and realized that I have very few pieces that truly reflect my personality and my message 🙁 time to change that. The outside has to match the inside I feel.

    thanks for sharing.

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