Niche involves providing services to a particular group of people within a market. For example, my market may be entrepreneurs, but my niche is services for mom entrepreneurs.  As the producer of the product you must take in consideration the group that you are creating the products or services for. Concentrating on particular niche gives you many advantages.

Lack of defining a niche has caused many businesses to collapse.  Business owners need to know their target market and their needs. A business is more likely to fail if it does not have a niche. You need to know who your specific niche is, the kind of problem this particular niche has and what you plan to do to help solve the problem.

Who are you calling a Niche?

The advantages of defining your niche are as follows:

Perfect skills
To choose a niche to provide product or service to, will help you perfect your skills. This allows you to specialize in a particular field. Your can become an instant expert when you concentrate on one particular group.

Improves credibility
Serving this particular niche will also help to improve your credibility to your customers. Customers will always look for specialist to serve them or to provide products rather than being served by someone who has generalized in providing products and services. Providing a credible service will make customers retain information about your products or services and customers will make referrals to your business and this will increase your sales and increase your passive income.

Makes work more enjoyable
When you serve a niche it makes your work more enjoyable. When serving a particular group you will be doing what you like, when you like, for who you like, with a clear understanding of their needs, wants and desires. This will also help to improve your confidence.

Reduces marketing costs and increase income
Marketing to a particular niche will reduce costs. When serving a generalist population you will incur high expenses in marketing and advertising. Income will also increase because you will be able to charge more as you are providing specialized services or products.

More customers
As long as you are concentrating to a particular group, you are in a position to get more customers. This is because you will be providing a product or service that this niche cannot do without and the general market leaves out. People of a certain group will always seek information relating to the product they want and they will prefer product and service from a specialized provider. Everyone likes to feel special when it comes to making aninvestment.

On the other hand some people prefer not to choose a niche, hoping that having a large population will increase their sales but this is not true. Small beginnings will have a big return on the end.  Finding a niche will help you maintain your business and beat competitors. Profits will also increase as well as your market share.

Written by : Lucinda Cross

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