Brands that are successful have a well defined position in the marketplace. Brands following the hype are just winging it on “a hope and a prayer” that their customer will “get the concept.”

Would you rather base your brand on sound principles and a firm foundation or hype of trying and buying, hoping something will work?

Here are some great Brand Re-Position examples: Gucci, Apple, Tropicana okay how about Ali Brown, Toni Robbins, Les Brown, and Walmart, okay how about Oprah excuse me, the OWN Network?

There is this buzz word called Brand going around and I think people are sitting at the edge of their seats, pinching pennies to try to make sure that their Brand is in order. Every coach and meme is talking about what TO DO; let’s look at what NOT TO DO.
Who Told You that Brand Stinking Lie?

Changing Face: These brands did not change their names or logos over night. They simply defined their logo.  Their name is the same; logo is the same with light touch ups. Please do not make haste decisions when it comes to your name or logo. Companies such as Marlboro, Puffs, and Ziploc, they simply use a specialized font with the product name. No glitter, glamour or gold, no images, no “logo.” Logos are good, but not mandatory.
Mouthing Off: These brands did not send out an eblast, newsletter, press release, press conference, J about their re-positioning.  They did all the work silently and slowly made the necessary changes.  This avoids your reputation being washed up, because you are mouthing off too early. Many entrepreneurs believe that once they have a boat load of clients or prospects, get their USP down to a science, and have a snappy logo and banner created, that they have accomplished it all in the world of branding.  Your brand position is an ongoing process, not a one night stand.
Rushing: Each brand mentioned above has a firm foundation and a grasp on their target.  They know who they are, what they represent, and that is why we buy. They are confident in their deliverables, their value and their position.  Get it, Who? What? and Why? These brands took a decade or so to turn around their brand.  You don’t have to take a decade, but thanks to these household name brands we are able to see how they shifted successfully.

Keep in mind a great brand strategy and position does not start with name changes, logos, expensive PR and Ad campaigns, or an expensive Marketing Coach.  The strategy starts with identifying your authentic and organic vision.

How are you positioning yourself to become a household name?

How are you preparing your business for the long haul?

Are you building an empire, a legacy for generational wealth?

Think about it and post a comment, we would love to dialog with you.

Written by : Lucinda Cross

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