‘Sesame Street’s’ Little Red Guy is a 6-Foot Tall Black Man named Kevin Clash has worked his mojo to become rich and famous.

In my upcoming book The Road to Redemption, I talk about the importance of using what you have, to get to where you want to get what you want.  This is a clear example of someone who had talent and used it as a child and had no idea that he would be the voice of one of America’s favorite TV show puppets.

This man took his talent and keep in mind this is something that he did as a child, something that he did for fun and he had the opportune time to get the exposure his talent needed.  Clash will soon be releasing a documentary,  Being Elmo, A Puppeteer’s Journey in which he shares his passion for puppetry, and his journey from being a shy Baltimore kid who was teased for making puppets out of slippers to becoming Muppet’s creator Jim Henson’s protege, to creating and giving voice to one of the world’s most beloved puppets. (RollingOut Magazine)

What is your hidden talents, that you use for fun, when no one is looking, when you where a child, maybe in your office…WHATEVER IT IS, WORK IT.

Start to get creative by letting others know that you have a talent, a skill and expose yourself.  Someone is always watching, listening and tuning in.  You never know when your time will come to be used for your greater good and the greater good of others.

Elmo brought such a happiness in many homes, he brought joy to the child who is sick or terminally ill, the voice of Elmo was soothing to the ears of a crying baby, and many times calmed down a temper tantrum.  Elmo was a solution to a problem; he was a character that had a loving voice, energy, passion and drive.  There was a life behind the red costume.

Add some life to your talent or skill.  Let’s see you come to life this month.


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Written by : Lucinda Cross

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