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Ask Lucinda Cross:

Q1.Lucinda I lost my job and have 2 small children and would like to get them a few things for Christmas. I’m desperate and hate to ask family. Can you help me out by loaning me $250?
Me: Absolutely not and you’re not desperate.

Her: Well what can I do now?

Me: If I can show you how to use what God put in your hands you will make a lot more than what your asking for.

Her: What are you talking about?

Me: What God given gifts do you have in your hands?

Her: I can do make up, styling, decorating…

Me: Which one do you love?

Her: Decorating! My tree looks fabulous just can’t afford to put anything underneath it.

Me: Show me a picture of your tree…

$??Moments later, I have her creating a questionnaire how much does a home inspection cost and putting up signs in her building to decorate their homes for Christmas. (That was 10days ago)
Today I received (she made so much she sent me double of what she asked for)$500 and a voice mail that said “Thanks for teaching me how to fish. I decorated one of my neighbors homes who works for a Fortune 500 and I am now contracted to do 5 office branches…”


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Written by : Lucinda Cross

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