Having laser sharp focus is crucial to your long term success. Having a good idea and sticking with it until it either succeeds of fails is actually a vital skill – A skill that many entrepreneurs unfortunately lack and fail as a result. Many entrepreneurs suffer from a severe disease called the “Shiny Object Syndrome”.

Results Come with Persistence, Not Singular Spurts of Effort

Entrepreneurs often feel powerful spurts of desire, of determination, of feeling like they’re willing to do whatever it takes. Feeling that way for a few days or weeks isn’t an uncommon feeling. However, to really succeed you need to be able to stay motivated and inspired about what you’re doing for months and years at a time.

Your Focus Must Be Laser Sharp:

    Business is not a short term game. You have wins and you have losses. It’s a matter of persisting through all the ups and downs to the final result of real success. That takes time and focus.

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    • Your habits play a large role in how focused you stay.

    One habit that many successful business people have is planning their day at the beginning of the day. When you wake up, the first thing you do is get out a sheet of paper and write out exactly what you want to accomplish today. Then, write out what you want to accomplish this week, then this month, then this year, then your three year goals.

    If you have inspiring goals set, this will help you stay focused on both the short term actions and the long term picture. Doing this every day will help you stay totally motivated to do what you need to do to succeed. You will have a clear picture of what the success of completing the goals look like and you will work harder to get them complete versus going after every to-do on your list.

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Written by : Lucinda Cross

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