Life is beautiful, painful and surprising – it is so many things. Often we think we are too small for our own life – including the painful parts. But that doesn’t have to be the case. We can be big enough for our own life. ~ELIZABETH MATTIS NAMGYEL

My mother used to say,”Giving up is not an option.”
What do you do when the yellow lines on the roads disappear and the maps stop making sense. In this moment we have a choice: We can focus on the oppression, the distraction, and the fear, or we can use this moment to tap into greater faith.

Where there’s intensity, lies the wisdom.

As a risk taker, a big dreamer, and a visionary who is constantly thinking of doing something that can give others an experience of a lifetime. I love watching my thoughts become a reality.

I am addicted to creation. But the intensity of the creation is where all hell can break loose.

Remember to be obedient to the process as much as it hurts.. This can be tough, especially when you are pushed to the point of no return. It’s either sink or swim, fly or fall. 

When it starts to get intense, a simple “God have your way” can and will turn any situation around.

Hope to see you in September at the Activate 2K14 Conference.


Lucinda Cross

Written by : Lucinda Cross

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