I think it is time that we get rid of the inner critic.

What would you do if you had no fear?

What fears are stopping you from rising to your full potential?

Some entrepreneurs I work with consider fear as a motivator, and others consider fear as an illusion.  Whatever the case may be if you are like most of us, fear raises its ugly head the minute you decide to do something positive, and productive for yourself or others.

Ask yourself: Can I see my future or what my future will be like if I continue to hold on to the fears that are deceiving me?

The biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make in their building and development stages is allowing their fears to be the decision maker.  In my opinion, either you face the fear or allow the fear to face you.  Somebody has to surrender and it should not be you.  Fear can only survive and exist as long as you allow. You have to be willing to reinvent yourself and shift your mindset so that your fears have no power.

I suffered for many years from fear of success.  I would constantly self sabotage myself by either procrastinating or cause an internal distraction.  Sounds crazy right? Well, I was out of my mind at the time, not any more, I now “seize the opportunity” when one arises.

Since fear is the foundation of ignorance, I encourage you to become aware and knowledgeable of what you are facing.  Make a list of the fears you have about love, money, business, marriage, and entrepreneurship.

Tackle a new fear every month on your “conquer fear” list.  Watch how taller you begin to get and how higher you will begin to reach. Remember fear stunts your growth. It’s time to become like a giant.



Lucinda is a teacher, an innovator, a change agent, and an author.

Lucinda uses speaking, training and mentoring to help business moms attract quality clients and grow their business effortlessly by becoming an expert in their field.









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