Activate001_Flyer V3I know what it’s like having a desire to attend a conference or function and your financial ends don’t meet. Some events I have attended have cost me up to $2500 just in ticket price so trust me I get it. Attending conferences and events can be the quickest way down Broke Lane. Even the early bird rates seem a bit much at times. I understand.

This year for Activate we are dedicating all sorts of specials to make it easier on the pockets. One thing I can say about being strategic about the conferences I wanted to attend in advance worked out 80% better than waiting till the last minute.

For example: If you plan on travelling to an event in the Fall get your flight and hotel in the Spring. If you plan on travelling to an event in the Winter get your flight and hotel by Summer the latest.  This way you get a great rate and your focus is now getting your conference ticket.

Here are a few ways to set yourself up for free tickets for the Activate 2K15 Conference:

  1. Press and Media Passes

If you are a blogger, freelance writer, journalist, editor, host, etc… you can manage to get free Activate conference tickets because we are looking for magazine, blog, publications, photographers, radio host to do a write up about the event. Sometimes your editor in chief will dish out the investment for your ticket, so consider that as well.

  1. Keep your eyes open for specials and contests

We like to incorporate specials and contests as part of our marketing strategy. I highly recommend you follow the Hashtag, make sure you are on the E-list at and set up Google Alert for the Activate Conference 2K15 or Activate Conference and the phrase ““contest” or “special.”

  1. Be a sincere Volunteer

Are we looking for volunteers? Absolutely.  Becoming one of our sincere volunteers allows you to have access to the full conference for …..Drum roll please…..FREE. You can get a free ticket just by volunteering your time. The fine print is that you won’t have the full conference free. You will have shifts and you will be working hard no doubt. But, you will get to experience the Activate Conference.

We do have an application process and we have about 6 slots left so the earlier you can sign up the better. You can also barter your services for access. Like designing the booklet, being the DJ, providing beauty services, making a few desert treats, decorating the tables, using your skillset or talents in exchange for your all access pass. We are always looking for talented individuals and if it helps us to cut cost we can help you cut cost as well.

  1. Look for a sponsor or ask for a scholarship

Many times I have been sponsored for an event in exchange for exposing their business or list building for them. I also informed my list that I was attending a conference and would promote them for $25 to $75 and that included them being a part of a special swag bag I passed out, some wanted a special interview with a person, some wanted me to pose with notables with their items. I was able to raise both airfare, lodging and ticket money to attend. It was a win-win for those who invested in the opportunity who were not able to attend but wanted their brands exposed to the attendees. Scholarships are available for military vets, single mothers who are a part of A Mothers Village Project, etc…to see if you are eligible please email

I hope to you in Atlanta at the Activate Conference in Sept. 18th to 20th.

BONUS: If you pay for your ticket consider cutting cost by bunking up, carpooling, getting a buddy pass, using your rewards points for the hotel or nearby hotel, ask your job to cover cost Activate does fall under Leadership training.

Put the Activate 2K15 Conference on your vision board and set your intentions to be there.

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Written by : Lucinda Cross

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  1. AJ Wesley July 6, 2015 at 10:07 pm - Reply

    I would love to be a media partner in order to win free tickets for a giveaway. I will definitely look for the details on your website!

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