Today’s Activate Message: Don’t Sabotage Your Life with Insufficient F.U.N.D.S

Having a positive account in life requires you to know when to say Yes, and when to say No. You must rely on your values in order to keep your account in life full of abundance and lacking no good thing.

Early on in my entrepreneurial journey, I had to learn the Power of NO and the Rewards of saying YES. Telling people NO at first hurt like hell, I battled with rejection and therefore never wanted to reject others which led to my 2 years in business as a passionately poor people-pleaser.

This quickly led to me down the path of a poverty-stricken, needed to be needed lifestyle that was not affording me the time or energy to build a sustainable business.

I started to attract demanding clients and forming a needy circle of connections. My account in life was depleting and I was spiritually bankrupt and emotionally in debt. Watch this quick video to find out how to fill up your account in life with positive abundance and a winners mindset.

Written by : Lucinda Cross

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