The Law of Increase

14590043_10209308860691459_8729167914624794249_oActivate Your Vision(TM): The year is not over yet. The year is still unfolding miracles, signs and wonders. I received a full blessing and a major, major contract deal last week and it’s just a sign that there is more coming. We must do things in life expecting a specific increase to happen.

I want you to consciously use the Law of Increase. The Law of Increase gradually shifts your thinking to see more of the goodness in your life and others. The Law of Increase opens the door for you to produce miracles out of the most powerful vessel we have, “the mouth”. (more…)

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Ever have a Janet Jackson moment?: Stress Management

Whatever you do, don’t lose control!

If you think back over the most stressful times in your life – illness for yourself or a family member, loss of a job or major client, a death in the family, falling in front of a large audience, wardrobe malfunction, tissue showing in the back of your skirt– I would venture to say that there’s a common thread through all of these stressful times: Lack of control.

Because many entrepreneurs see themselves as pioneers, we pride ourselves on our take-charge attitudes and get-it-done approach to life. Therefore, not being in charge of what’s happening can cause us a great deal of anxiety. We want to fix things, now. When we can’t fix things, or we don’t know how to fix things, we can become very stressed out, and even freak out a bit.

When faced with a situation where you’re not in control, here are three ways you can maintain an even keel, despite the foul weather:

1. What Can you control.

When the world is spinning away from you, it can feel like there’s nothing you can control. Not true! In any situation, there’s SOMETHING you can control. Let’s say your major high paying client is having financial difficulties. You may think you are at the whim of their financial ups-and-downs, but you can start regaining a feeling of control by creating a program that will help to sustain that client until they can get on their feet, or  you could get your own finances in order and do some proactive belt-tightening so that the loss of one client doesn’t send your world into a tailspin.

You are NOT helpless, you just need a little Focus.

2. Focus on the moment.

Stress comes when we stop focusing on the here and now and start ruminating over the horrible things we wish hadn’t happened yesterday, or about the horrible things we fear will happen tomorrow. If we ground ourselves in the present moment, we find we’re still alive, still functioning, and still able to make decisions. Once we lose sight of that fact, the stress seeps in. When your thoughts start spinning out of control, gently reel them back in. Take a few deep breaths, remind yourself that you are okay, right now, and then find something productive to do in this moment to protect against what you fear.

Quiet your mind. Once you have silenced your mind, you can choose to focus on the here and now.

3. Remind yourself of your expertise and experience.

Stress also comes when we are afraid we can’t handle the horrific scenarios we’ve created for ourselves or when we doubt our competence. If our client goes away, then what?  If the economy tanks further, then what?  If our website crashes, then what? If we knew we’d be okay in the future because we have the expertise to handle these situations, the stress about the future would be a thing of the past.

One tip to combat that stress is to remind yourself of all the tough circumstances you’ve already navigated through successfully. Think about situations you went through in the past and how you handled them. While past success is no guarantee of future performance, as they say in the stock market, it still is a pretty good indication of how things will turn out.

Sidebar: If you feel you are having a Janet Jackson moment and a little boobage pops out, don’t hide, don’t allow that moment to stress you out to the point of no return, just keep on going.  Things happen and the only thing we can control is our reaction. If we can control our reactions now, when it comes time to be in front of thousands of people, we will know how to “get a grip” and “keep it moving”.

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Focus on the Vital Few: 80/20 Rule

STOP, stop what you are doing and get focused on completion. Stop working so hard and focus on a few tasks at a time.  Follow the 80/20 rule. Focusing on doing the 20% that will yield 80% of the results.  Less is more in this case.

The Pareto’s principle was developed by an Italian economist and most commonly known as the 80/20 Rule. Pareto observed that 80% of the wealth was owned by 20% of the population, the rule has applications in almost every area of life and business. This rule stems from the 1900’s and has helped many gurus and executives manage their businesses, their staff and their time more effectively.

This is how you can apply it
The value of the Pareto Principle is reminding us to stay focused on the “20% that matters”. That can be a task you complete, a project you are working on, a subject matter you are trying to master, (based on Pareto’s Principle) only 20% really matter.

Make decisions on allocating time, resources and effort, based on the 80/20 rule:

  • Daily Activity Sheet – Do an activity sheet for an entire day. Record every activity you do and how long it takes you to do it.  Figure out at the end of the day how much time is spent on entertainment, personal happiness, work, talking on the phone, or either your productivity. This will help you determine where you need to spend more time doing the 20% that moves your forward.
  • Completing Goals – Review your goals list and look at the resources required to accomplish each goal (time, money, people, energy, etc.). Some of the goals we have on our list are not valuable goals, they may just be more to do’s on your list. Scale back on the non-productive list.
  • Sales – 80 percent of your sales will come from 20 percent of your customers. When you look at who you have been spending time on, are these clients in your top 20%, the ones who are repeats, raving fans…these are the ones you want to focus on, the ones who think your product or services are amazing.
  • Marketing – 80 percent of your success in your online/offline marketing campaigns will come from only 20 percent of your advertising. Look at the past campaigns that you may have had, it can be a successful event, a referral to speaking engagements, the group of people who signed up for your newsletter, a new product buyer.  Whatever you did to get the attention you received, you must duplicate that 20% and repeat it again.  This can save you time and money.

Focus is a discipline.  I myself love new ideas, I love to be creative, I love gathering and dissecting new information, I love trying new things. As an entrepreneur, wife and mom that is not the most effective framework to operate from.  I had to narrow my focus and create a project map that keeps me focused only on the 20% of what I should be doing.

For the month of May my 20% will be focused on networking and list building. June, I will be focused on prospecting and funnel building.  Remind yourself of the critical 20% you need to focus on to reap 80% of the reward.

What project area are you working on?

What are you producing on a daily basis?

Comments are appreciative and they help me with my 80/20 rule for writing.

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Your Focus Must Be Laser Sharp

Having laser sharp focus is crucial to your long term success. Having a good idea and sticking with it until it either succeeds of fails is actually a vital skill – A skill that many entrepreneurs unfortunately lack and fail as a result. Many entrepreneurs suffer from a severe disease called the “Shiny Object Syndrome”.

Results Come with Persistence, Not Singular Spurts of Effort

Entrepreneurs often feel powerful spurts of desire, of determination, of feeling like they’re willing to do whatever it takes. Feeling that way for a few days or weeks isn’t an uncommon feeling. However, to really succeed you need to be able to stay motivated and inspired about what you’re doing for months and years at a time.


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