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Media: WEBiz – Interview with Lucinda Cross

Your weakness just may be your genius.~ Lucinda Cross

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by WEBiz with the fabulous Chrishan Wright.


“Need to get unstuck? Challenged with how to overcome procrastination and get activated? Well look no further than the Chief Activator Lucinda Cross, powerhouse behind the Activate Movement. She shares how she overcame a poor life choice and used it as a way to create a lifestyle business and a brand that transforms the lives of tens of thousands of women.”

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Lucinda’s keynote at the Activate 2K14 conference

My keynote at the Activate 2K14 conference was based on the Parable of the Talents.

Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25:14-30 provided a perfect foundation for the Activate 2K14 attendees. A framework about purpose and passion, success and wealth.

1. The Parable teaches us that success is about results.  

We each have been given talents to use, trade and maximize. These talents are given to glorify God which in turn provides a fulfilling lifestyle for us to live. These talents are given to us to produce a return, not to hide. What talents are you hiding? How are you increasing what you have been given?

2. The Parable teaches that God has already given us everything we need to operate in our purpose.

This means that you are not comparing your gifts, talents, skills and abilities to anyone else. God has given you specific talents that are customized for you. Use them, increase them, leverage them, and activate them. Many of us sit on our talents and hide them because we are looking at our short comings. Use what you have because it is more than enough. How can you turn your ideas into a brand? How can you turn your brand into a movement? How can you help others by using your story, your expertise or life experience?

3. The Parable shows that we are responsible and held accountable. 

The Parable of the Talents is about being a servant leader. Not wasting your opportunities. The man with one Talent wasted an opportunity because he was afraid and fearful. We are responsible for our purpose and held accountable for what God has given us.

I hope those of you who were in the audience have been Activated to use your talents, and those who did not attend can get the DVD or video to watch the keynote presentation by Lucinda Cross.

Lucinda Cross is available for coaching, speaking and training. Please inquire as her 2015 calendar is filling up. Email Nye Scott assistant@lucindacross.com

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Activate 2K14 Conference Set to Inspire and Empower Women in NYC

Activate 2K14 Conference Set to Inspire and Empower Women in NYC.

Lucinda Cross, founder of the Activate Conference,will host “Activate 2K14,” a weekend experience kicking off Sept. 19 and continuing with a series of inspirational and informative panel events at the The Times Center in New York City on Sept. 20. The conference brings together dynamic industry leaders to discuss major topics that are important to women entrepreneurs and leaders, focusing on how they can become bolder, stronger, more effective and courageous leaders in the future.

Women will be privy to a welcome reception, followed by a “Meet the Authors of the Art of Activation” event and a luxe A-list networking party.

Opening conference speakers are actresses and TV hosts Keke Palmer and Sherri Shepherd, currently starring in Cinderella on Broadway. (read the article in Black Enterprise)

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Grateful for the Challenge and the Challenger

HBOOK005 (1)No matter what the circumstance, there are two things you can always choose: your attitude and your reaction.

In life we go through a series of test that challenge us to learn how to be used for something greater than present circumstance or situation. Being used by God means that you are opening up your heart as a willing vessel. You may not like how life lessons feel, you may not understand the experience, but choose your attitude and reaction wisely in the learning process.


Understand that you’re chosen for this lesson.

Understand that God promoted you spiritually to handle this situation.

Understand that the lesson is in the experience, and you are being used to push the gold out of the lesson, rather than being the victim.

It is all about being aware of being used for the victory of it all. Being aware of your experience doesn’t mean challenges and obstacles won’t ever happen to you. It simply means you choose your reaction.

Tweetable:Be Grateful for the Challenge and the Challenger” by @lucindaspeaks @artofactivation #Activate2K14

Will you let difficult experiences discourage you from moving forward or will you see the growth potential in them?

Will you continue to allow your limiting beliefs reinforce your dissatisfaction with life, or will you put in the work needed to improve?

This is what owning your experience of life is all about. God knew you could handle this the moment you asked God to order your steps.

Like any worthwhile journey, this is easier said than done, and it won’t happen overnight. Sign up to receive excerpts of the new book The Art Of Activation: 24 Laws To Win, To Thrive, To Prosper, To Rise.

Release date: September 20th http://www.theartofactivation.com


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The Disciplined Lead-her

When it comes to showing up in the world there is a movement called “Authenticity” that is forcing itself upon almost every woman seeking change. Part of the movement involves us as women to embrace change and be transparent with ourselves in order to show up in an impactful and meaningful manner.

The role that most women are being called to is a new form of leadership that I call Lead-her-ship.  This forces each and every woman to remove their limiting beliefs and embrace their greatness, all while leading the next woman to the water. (more…)

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Today’s Activate Message: Don’t Sabotage Your Life

Today’s Activate Message: Don’t Sabotage Your Life with Insufficient F.U.N.D.S

Having a positive account in life requires you to know when to say Yes, and when to say No. You must rely on your values in order to keep your account in life full of abundance and lacking no good thing.

Early on in my entrepreneurial journey, I had to learn the Power of NO and the Rewards of saying YES. Telling people NO at first hurt like hell, I battled with rejection and therefore never wanted to reject others which led to my 2 years in business as a passionately poor people-pleaser.

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The Art of Activation

heart-2-ConvertedAttending the Activate Conference is about creating a platform for your message, movement and ideas. Many people are running around buying stuff they don’t need, to impress people they don’t like, in order to live a life they don’t enjoy. Why?  because they have not grasped the Art of Activation.

3 Steps to Activate Your Life Today:

1. Give Your Voice Value: When you begin to realize how important and valuable your message is, you will understand that you have been undercharging life. This can be a huge disservice for your personal and professional growth. My mentor told me to put a sticker on my computer that reads: “I deserve to be compensated because I bring value to the table”

2. Get your Blessings   Confidence: Go get your confidence and then go grab your blessings. One of the reasons why I have Les Brown leading a two hour session first thing in the morning at the Activate Conference is because many people bypass their customized blessings due to lack of confidence.  When you are confident in your ability and understand that you bring value to the table, you begin to take inspired action towards getting all the flavor out of the sweet blessings God has placed at your feet.

3. Cross colors: Embrace diversity, I like to call it adding color to your profile. I have a mix of business associates from all colors, races and nationalities. This helps my brand awareness and outreach. I have a message that is for any nationality and gender. I chose to direct my focus towards women with a message. Embrace change and get in the mix.

Pick up your yellow brick and meet me at the round table at the Activate Conference.




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Unpacking 3 Suitcases of Pain


As I prepare mentally, emotionally and spiritually for my very first Activate Conference, I realize that it is very important for me to unpack and unload in order to deliver my best.

Today I will attempt to unpack three cases of pain. For months I walked past these suitcases for they are a constant reminder that my Mother has made her transition. The pain simply overwhelmed me. Truth be told,  I’ve sat up many nights staring at them trying to find the inner strength to unpack them however grief and pain consumed me and I left it for another day.

My Mother’s  transition gifted me with tons of love, loads of memories and three cases of pain. Unpacking these suitcases will be one of the hardest things I have ever done but necessary for my growth.

How many times do we avoid the process because of the pain that may surface or re-surface? As I take the uncomfortable action steps to unpack these suitcases of pain today, my wish is that you do the same.   Take the pain that you have locked in the corner for months or even years, and address it.  Your pain may be the death of a relationship, job, or thoughts that no longer serve your highest interest.

We need you to show up at the Activate Conference without painful baggage and hidden agendas.

Give yourself permission to heal. I have 3 cases of pain and it may take me all day, it may take me another week, but I am determined to unpack and release this part of my process before I greet you on September 20th at the Activate Conference. Let the healing begin one case at a time.

Let the healing begin one case at a time. Today I want you to unpack…

Unpack the suitcase of love and encourage others to do the same

Unpack your strength so that you can knock down walls that keep you from being the person God has called you to be.

Unpack your vision so you can see yourself and the world through God’s eyes

Unpack the process in every situation and be grateful for the lessons behind each one.

Unpack your joy from head to toe, inside and out

Unpack your pride and be willing to ask for help

Unpack healing to help your body and mind be stronger and clear each day

Unpack your song and dance to the beat of the drums and not the drama

Unpack your truth so that faith can take you to amazing places

If this has inspired you to unpack, share this post with your circle of sisters! Hope to see you in September at the Activate Conference http://www.activateconference.com .

Miss you mommy…

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You have the authority to be amazing

Reason #7 to attend the Activate Conference:

64315_10201647963063214_1610064995_nYou have given yourself the authority to be amazing.


Excuse me, miss. Yes, YOU reading this blog. Take a look in the mirror.  Stare at yourself really intently. Do you know that you have the authority to be amazing? You don’t need fancy licenses, certificates, degrees or awards. All you need is you.

We allow so many things to define who we are—our materialistic possessions, the people in our lives, the amount of money we earn, and the accomplishments we’ve made. Those things become synonymous with our power. So what happens if those things are stripped from us? Well, we feel as if we have no significance, or better yet, as if we have no authority over our lives. But I’m here to tell you that your existence—your ability to breathe and have a name– is what gives you power. You give yourself the authority to be amazing.

The Activate Conference with Lucinda Cross, reinforces your authority. The speakers, presenters and guests will be a mirror which reflects how amazing you are. Some of you will be reminded that no matter how big your struggle is or the amount of trouble you’ve endured, you still have the authority to reclaim your greatness. Some of you will be given the courage to tell others how amazing you are and make them respect what you are building for yourself. Regardless of who you are, the Activate Conference is meant to help you embrace your authority and show you how to wear it proudly.

If you haven’t yet figured out how to take control over the things that make you so powerful, the Activate Conference is a wonderful place to start. Think about it, you’ll be a in a place filled with people who expect nothing less than for you to show up and be authoritative. These women want you to be courageous, captivating and sensational. So if you haven’t done so already, give yourself the authority to be amazing! You are worth it.


Shannon Henderson ImShannon.comThis countdown blog has been provided by Shannon Baylor-Henderson, your “Start-Up Coach” from ImShannon.com.


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