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Alfred Edmond Jr. Interview: Challenges Facing Women and Minority Entrepreneurs

Watch this exclusive interview with Alfred Edmond Jr. The SVP of Black Enterprise. I asked him a series of questions via our Skype interview and the answers, if applied can help boost your business for greater success.

I need each reader to place a brief comment based on the interview. Your comments count towards my trip to the Black Enterprise Entrepreneur Conference. I will select one lucky individual to attend an all-expense paid trip to the 2012 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference held in Chicago (May 23-26).

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March Manifesto: The Power of Belief is in the Placebo

This month’s Manifesto is to help the overwhelmed and support the unfocused.

Have you heard of the placebo effect?

Well it’s when one group of people receive a dose or doses of the drug being tested and the other group receives the placebo, the non drug. Both groups are given the medicine believing that the medicine will cure them. Studies show 70 percent of patients in most cases healed themselves of the illness just through the power of belief. Isn’t this interesting. Let me ask you:

What do you believe about yourself, your goals and your vision?
If I told you right now that by taking the Activate pill it will cure your procrastination and stagnation, only if you took a dose a day, would you believe me?

If so get a glass of water and get ready for your first dose.

This is what March Manifesto is all about. Helping you to get rid of your procrastination or stagnation by forcing you to take inspired action every day. Many people I consult and coach do a lot of “doing”, and some do a lot of “do-nothing”. The question I ask them is what should you be focusing on this month? Who do you need to meet with this week? Who do you need to follow up with tomorrow? Who in your social media circle should you be talking to and connecting with? Who?

I spend two days a week connecting with high end individuals. This week I plan on meeting with a Congressmen and a TV Producer. I look to connect with individuals who I can support to do more of what I love. We have to be conscious with our March Manifesto and how we are leveraging our time, our space and our network.

Here are some tips I posted on Facebook and to my Activate 24/7 members to make this week more effective:
• Make 1 challenging phone call every day this week
• Speak or volunteer for an influential group or organization
• Have lunch with someone of influence and power
• Make 1 contact about article writing or a media interview to boost your credibility
• Follow up with 3 potential referral partners that WILL hire you
• Post up a new testimonial this week to leverage “word of mouth” marketing

Let’s get results and make this week phenomenal. If you want to take the pill daily then become an Activator today. If you are not ready just yet, then check back here on Wednesday for the next Manifesto announcement.

“We all have areas of our life where we just need a little nudge in the right direction to get unstuck. We may feel like we hit the snooze button on our vision, but now it’s time to wake up and get Activated. In a series of heartfelt, kick in the butt sessions I will help you breakthrough the places where you hold yourself hostage and together we will create a plan for success. Call me today at 347-634-5564 or email me at (Ask about the Birthday special).”

I am Lucinda Cross!

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Become A “What’s Next” Leader In Your Industry

Image from © 2011 Young & Free

Developing a what’s happening today and that can change tomorrow type of mindset. It is easy for you to look at what is going on and buzzing around in your industry trend for today, but when it comes to “what’s next” for tomorrow you have to be ahead of the learning curve.


Every idea is fragile and must be protected for longevity.  What is going to happen next in your industry and how can you begin to implement the next trend in your business before it is exposed? I want you to pick one of your fabulous ideas that you are willing to fight for and put together a beta test. Test out your ideas, pilot your ideas, work out the kinks. Be willing to fail forward when it comes to being the “what’s next” leader.

Learn from the challenges that are presented.

Learn from the success.

Don’t focus on working in perfection, focus on working in excellence.  Become a change agent for yourself first and then become an activator that understands the in’s and out’s of your position and role in your leadership role as a business owner, ministry leader, artist, executive, this list goes on.  Whatever position you hold right now in life be the one who is thought of as the “go to person” for the “what’s next”.


Activate: Take 2 hours a day for the next 7 days and research where your indistry is headed in the next 10, 20 or 50 years. What is needed for the ideas you have for today to be even more successful and needed for tomorrow? For example if you are a coach, how can you create a program for the coaching industry that other coaches can use.  How can you begin to license your intellectual capital to be used in corporate training?





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Are You A Thought Leader?

According to Wikipedia a Thought leader is business jargon for an entity that is recognized for having innovative ideas.

How you can add your uniqueness to the world? I want you to push your ideas and combine them to make something greater. Not only do we need to take our ideas out of the box, but we need to combine our ideas to a major problem and predict how our idea can change the problem for a mass group of people.

Evaluate all of your ideas and begin to cultivate them…combine your ideas and visions and you have a thought leader who is changing the community and the economy. Watch this clip and then come back to sign up for our Leadership class.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel; If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities” Maya Angelou

About this clip: In this high-energy talk, Frans Johansson illustrates how relentless trial-and-error – coming up with an idea, executing it on a small scale, and then refining it – is THE distinguishing characteristic of the greatest artists, scientists, and entrepreneurs. Why? Because humans are not very good at predicting which ideas are going to be a success. Thus, nearly every major breakthrough innovation has been preceded by a string of failed or misguided executions. So, as Frans says quoting Churchill, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Click here to watch the clip

Activate: Make a list of ideas and then combine them with a cause. Get others involved and then pick a date to execute and launch.

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Million dollar ideas: Toys for rent? Introducing TOYGAROO

Just when you thought you heard it all, there is an online toy rental store that allows you to become a member, rent toys and then if your child really likes the toys you can buy them for a discount.

This can save you money and time.   I know I have spent lots of money on toys only to find out that my children have more fun with the box the toy came in than the actual toy.

At first I was questioning how kids would react to the fact that their toys were rented but when you think about it, they play with the toys for a limited time and then have the option to get new ones the next month or so.  This is pretty cool especially for the family who is on a limited budget.  No need to spend your savings on toys if you don’t want to.  There is a resource you can check out called Toygaroo and seen on Shark Tank, Nate Berkus and abc7.

This site gets a grade A for creativity, necessity and brand awareness.

Check it out and let me know what you think.


P.S. Your idea may be the next answer to someones prayers. You idea may be the next million dollar idea.  Go for it, think big.  Find a need and provide a solution based service.  Sounds easy, well it is.  Ideas make money when you move them.  Activate!


Lucinda Cross is a Lifestyle and Business fire starter specializing in women’s success. She is the CEO and Founder of Activate!, Author of Corporate Mom Drop Outs, Founder of Praying and Activate Me 24/7 Membership. She is also co-owner of the Super Mom Entrepreneur Conference and Expo. Her journey into entrepreneurship began when she became a mom and she has been building businesses ever since as a mompreneur. She has defied all the odds both in life and in business and has mastered the ability to turn adversities into advantages. She travels the world sharing her message and inspiring women to Activate in all areas of life! Her new book “The Road To Redemption: Overcoming Life’s Detours, wondergirl – forbidden fruit Obstacles and Challenges” is set to release in early 2012.

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Living the Mom- pre-neur or Mom-poor-neur life

What is a mompreneur and what is a mompoorneur?

This post is in no way meant to offend anyone, this is based on my personal experience and observation.  I have been on both sides and I am still a work in progress.  This post in no way means that you have not achieved  “success”. You very well may have, but you may be operating from a “poor position”. (read on if you will)

Mompreneur- a mom entrepreneur who has positive habits and positive results.

What does a mompreneur do?

  • Spend time with her kids more than her computer
  • Enjoys dates with her husband
  • Enjoys a girls night out every now and then
  • Treats herself to something
  • If she is single, may go out on a dates
  • Only brings her cell phone for emergencies
  • Enjoys quiet time, meditation and praying
  • She moves in silence, unpredictable and unstoppable
  • She spends 20% of her time producing 80% of the intended results she wants out of life

What is happening to a mompreneurs business?

  • Business is operating without her micro managing
  • She has a social media campaign on auto pilot
  • Her assistant is finalizing her calendar
  • Her PayPal is going cha-ching for her summer special on her products and services
  • She has a few new subscribers to her email list from her often updated website/blog
  • Her new joint venture is looking real promising as far as passive income for the winter.
  • Her homework for her coach is complete
  • Her accounts are up to date

How does mompreneurs feel?

  • Free, glad to be in the position she is in, feels grateful and happy
  • Feeling as if life is finally looking up and moving in the right direction
  • Her mindset has experienced a dramatic shift and is now is creating abundant thoughts and producing rewarding results.
  • She feels excited about what is happening and she is in a constant state of expectancy, leaving the control in God’s hands and out of her own.
  • She feels confident and blessed.

*please note that this does not mean that every mompreneur is walking around with their head in the clouds, but the ones I interviewed in Corporate Mom Dropouts do.  They have purposefully created this type of lifestyle. (Fabienne Fredrickson, Kelly O’Neil, Sophfronia Scott, Alexis Martin Neely, Victoria Colligan, and more, get the book if you have not read up on them yet)

Mompoorneurs- still a mom entrepreneur, but with poor habits and poor results

What does a mompoorneur do?

  • Her husband is upset from the lack of attention
  • Her children are taking advantage and acting out for the sake of getting attention.
  • She is probably a computer and email junkie, spends 80% of her time producing 20% of the results.
  • She has no work schedule
  • She does not make time for meditation or saying more than one prayer a day
  • Her kids are probably off putting nail polish on the coach because they are watching themselves as she responds to unproductive emails and phone calls.
  • She moves in a boastful and loud manner, she is very predictable and often trying to make (IT) work, whatever (IT) is.
  • Tells to much to the wrong people

What’s happening in a mompoorneurs business?

  • Her business is like an elevator, some good months and some bad.
  • She is winging it regardless of whether she is in business for 1-3 yrs or 3- 5 yrs.
  • She lacks a system.
  • Her products and service packaging is at a stand-still because she has not prioritized her time
  • She continues to work on projects that yield no financial increase.
  • She has no coach or mentor, just a few other mompoorneurs telling her what to do.

How does a mompoorneur feel?

  • Stressed
  • Worried
  • A tad bit overwhelmed
  • Slightly confused
  • Pressured from a neglected spouse, family, friends and/or children.
  • She has not done something for herself in a while


Side bar: Stop right now and evaluate your life. Evaluate your business. Is it filled with experiences that give a feeling of effervescent peace? Ask your self are you living life or is life running you? Is your business running you or are you running a business? If you are like the some of women I have coached, mentored, trained, advised and consulted, you probably feel somewhat trapped, in a job you don’t like, in a business position you don’t like, in a relationship or friendship you have outgrown, in responsibilities that feel erroneous and you feel suffocated mentally.

Do you sometimes feel like a hamster on a wheel, or like the honey dripping slowly out of a jar? Do you need to reestablish and restore your marriage, relationship or connection with your children? Do you sense that there is much work that you have to do but are unsure of what, and how to go about doing whatever it is.

Life is way too short to precious to waste, and each day that you are given the gift of breathe to endure another radiant day, cease the opportunities and keep your mind focused on what’s important. Get your house in order first and watch how success comes creeping in, and then rushing, into your life.

If you are not busy on July 9th and you feel like you need to experience some sort of breakthrough.  I invite you to join me in NYC for the “Call of Duty: The Transition” seminar.  Click here for details. If you are not able to make it to the big apple then send me an email and I will let you know when we will have the virtual seminar starting July 25th at 9pm. This is extremely exclusive and for those who are ready to make some sort of shift in their business and their lifestyle. Send an email to my assistant Phara at




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London Here I Come: Preparing For Global Expansion

One of my goals is to go to Europe.  I want to do business and pleasure in Europe.

In preparing for these types of opportunities are bigger than submitting a speaker proposal, they want to see an abstract.  They want to make sure you understand their culture and their economy. Am I preparing my biz? Yes I am. I am preparing my brand and my message for the expansion.

I love to expand and stretch my vision. I love to challenge the ego to do the things it tells me I am not qualified to do. Living life outside my comfort zone means that I have to go bigger and deeper in my mission.  Why not travel to places you desire to go like China? Why not speak to audiences you desire in London? Why not support a larger cause and a bigger mission in Ghana?

Part of the expansion process is putting systems and processes in place so that your business can still operate while you are away for a week or two.

  • Are you in a position to go away for 3 days? 7 days? 30 days? Will your business still make money?
  • Do you have a team in place to operate your business smoothly and effortlessly?
  • What systems must be in place in your business to take a month-long vacation or business trip?
  • Do you have someone to care for the kids?

I am positioning sunflower maids business right now to accommodate the lifestyle I want to live.  I am putting systems in place that will allow my passive income sources to continue to produce results, my inner circle members and clients to continue receiving coaching from my team, and my assistants would know exactly what to do in most client management situations.

My biggest concern is my marketing.  I am the marketing strategist and implementer in my biz. I research, I analyze, I create, and I implement all the marketing.

When it comes to your business are you positioning your business to operate without you? Are you positioning your business for expansion? What irreplaceable task do you have in your business right now, that you need to find a clone? Get your business prepared for your great escape?

Where do you plan to go in 2012 or before 2011 is over? I seeking European and African connections, what about you?


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Is Your Vision Homeless?

Shelter for Homeless Visions

Whether you’re a newbie or existing vision holder, there are three basic essentials your vision needs in order to survive.  Some of these essentials have been over looked or have not been considered in order to shift your vision to the “next phase in development”.

Every vision needs a place to stay so that it can be examined, invented, and considered.

#1 A written power plan that answers some important questions. This allows your vision to be examined and set apart.

  • Your visions greatest strengths
  • Your biggest opportunities
  • Your current customers and why they should work with you
  • What changes and new programs you can implement to increase your value

#2 An online presence and a place that the vision can reside to show off its brand personality.  This is expressed through logos, content, colors, images, slogans and themes. This sets your vision apart, and builds a psychological bond with visitors and potential prospects.  Consider using a word press blog, tumblr, or joomla platform for sheltering your business.  A Facebook group is not acceptable as a permanent place for your vision to stay. This allows your vision to be invented, because you know have carved out a position.

#3 A list of friends, family and associates. Building a list of 1000 raving fans will help you in creating a tribe.  Selling requires people to sell to. You do not need a large list to succeed. You need to create a list of raving fans. It’s better to have a small list of highly targeted, responsive people than a big list of people who don’t want to hear from you. It’s not necessarily about getting to as many people as you can, just the right people. This allows your vision to be considered by those who are ready to invest.

As the caregiver of the vision you must focus on providing a caring, warm environment for optimal growth. No vision should be homeless. Utilizing social media is only a pit stop for your business to get connected, not for your main business vision to be housed. If you need help creating a home for your vision, comment below and we will set you up for a consultation to find a safe shelter for your vision. If you have a home for your business please post the url here so we can support you.

Thank you for reading another one of my blog post.  I appreciate you.


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The Melting Pot: Are You Starting A Multicultural Business War?

In my observation one of the most important rules when it comes to marketing and branding 101 is that diversity is one of the keys to success.

Diversity should be in every aspect of your marketing. African American, Asian, Hispanic, etc. are all part of the melting pot.  You have to make sure that your marketing is diverse. We live in a global society where opportunities are endless.

If you only support one ethnic group, you may be leaving money on the table, and possibly the chance to go global or international.  Starting a multicultural war may not be the wisest thing for any small business to do.

Servicing a niche is different than servicing a particular ethnic group.  Look at some of the highly successful organizations and companies and notice how their marketing and outreach is diverse. Diversity means domination.  If you are looking to make a change, support an economy or transform mindsets you must start with your marketing messages.  If you do service a particular ethnic group, I suggest you start out with OPEN DOORS for all, and then break it down into sects similar to the Chamber of Commerce.  You have the Chamber of Commerce, the African American Chamber of Commerce, the NY Women’s Chamber of Commerce, the Australian Chamber of Commerce, the Asian Chamber of Commerce and etc., but the base, the mother hub is the overall US Chamber of Commerce.

Think about your messages and your reach.  Can you expand your territory by keeping everyone boxed in or do you need to open the box a little?  Keep in mind your passion, mission, morals and values do not change, you just now open up the flood gates for EQUAL opportunities and room for growth.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic of diversity, take a second to comment.

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