4 Rules of Imperfection: Imperfection Looks Good On Me

Imperfection rule #1: So what! In order to be imperfect you have to have an outcome.  What is the outcome you desire to see? Once you have clearly defined the outcome you are expecting, detach from it.  Hope for the best, wish for the better.  Either way you win.


Imperfection rule #2: Is it working? Are you aware enough to see whether what you’re doing is working or not working? Many people continue to do what’s not working trying to be perfect.  Perfection can keep you stuck.  Doing your best and doing what works will get you to where you need to be.


Imperfection rule #3: Have a smorgasbord. A great way to move forward with your plans is to have a variety of ways that you can prosper and succeed.  Have more than one income stream, have more than just a book, have a workshop to go with it, have more than one way to get things done, make more money, have more time.  The more you are flexible the more harvest you will reap.  Harvest comes from planting more than one seed.


Imperfection rule #4: Do something. Nike told you to “just do it”, Rocky told you “you are the champion”, President Obama told you “Yes we can”, God told you “you are more than a conquer” so TAKE ACTION and put what you know into PRACTICE.


Being imperfect is fun there is no failure, no pressure, no stress or anxiety.  Imperfection is results driven and productive. Try it on, one size fits all.


Activate News Flash: This weekend there was a tragic accident, Ms. Self Sabotage died from an overdose of confidence. This is not the time to second guess your self or let people talk yourself out of what you need to do or decide to do. This is the time to trust, pay attention, and operate out of “READINESS”. Talking about ready is not going to do it, thinking about ready is not enough, writing about ready is not going to work. Help yourself to some confidence, you can drink as much as you like as long as you Activate!




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Shame on “If I Were A Poor Black Kid”

As I was checking on one of my trusted advisor websites,  Alfred Edmond Jr SVP/Editor-at-large of BLACK ENTERPRISE, I noticed his well stated rebuttal to an article posted on by Gene Marks.  The article headline read: “If I Were A Poor Black Kid“.  Well Mr. Edmond decided to write his article called: If I Were A Rich, Privileged White Kid, and here is my two cents to Mr. Marks.


Mr. Marks,

It appears that your intention was to educate, encourage and empower a “poor black kid” on what it takes to be successful in life.   To avoid being “outside of your expertise”, it would have been prudent to interview successful black men and women to find out what it took to bring them out of poverty into prosperity. It also would have shown wisdom to ask them how they handled the shortages of food, clothing, shelter, money, etc.  A “good education”, “good job” and “tech skills” are not necessarily passports to health, wealth, love, career fulfillment or monetary satisfaction. Are you familiar with the term “the working poor?”

In closing, I would like to suggest that you really look at  the power of words. Self-esteem is a critical component of success. Your article title “poor black kid” shows the limitation of your paradigm because it places a dis-empowering  label upon a child. Rather than arrogantly stating that you stand by your words, it would be beneficial to consider that a shift in consciousness is in order as this article in particular clearly reveals your true intention, which was to demean, belittle and criticize. Any child reading this article would be hard-pressed to walk away with self-esteem in tact after reading your post.

I believe that you would greatly benefit from volunteering your time and services. Join the people on the front lines who give generously of their time, undivided attention, intellectual capital and financial resources to solve the problem of poverty. First hand experience would clearly teach you empathy and compassion and the power of “doing” versus “talking about what you would do”.

That is my two cents…

Lucinda Cross is a Lifestyle and Business fire starter specializing in women’s success. She is the CEO and Founder of Activate!, Author of Corporate Mom Drop Outs, Founder of Praying and Activate Me 24/7 Membership. She is also co-owner of the Super Mom Entrepreneur Conference and Expo. Her journey into entrepreneurship began when she became a mom and she has been building businesses ever since as a mompreneur. She has defied all the odds both in life and in business and has mastered the ability to turn adversities into advantages. She travels the world sharing her message and inspiring women to Activate in all areas of life! Her new book “The Road To Redemption: Overcoming Life’s Detours, Obstacles and Challenges” is set to release in Mar 2012.  You can find out more about Lucinda Cross or request to hire her for your upcoming conference, seminar, graduation or celebration by emailing her agent at or simply connect with her on Facebook , Twitter @lucindaspeaks.
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Women In Business Need To Get Naked

Women in business need to get naked.





Oh yeah! get naked but, please don’t take your clothes off.  When I say get naked I want you to start to advertise, advertise and advertise.  Stand behind your product, stand behind your service, stand behind your brand.  You have to find savvy ways to tell people what you do without shoving it down their throats. Get naked by showing the world what you do and what your working with.

In order for you to be the ONE, to be the TOP CHOICE, you have to be willing to get naked.  Take off what you have been wearing and start to put on the face of your business.  Show people what your hidden talents are.  Show people what you are working with.  Show people what you are passionate about.   My mother always told me if you got it flaunt it.  Take mommies advice and flaunt it.

In order to get noticed you have to show more, be fun and be consistent. Tell your people about your business in a different and exciting way.

Start to get naked by doing the following:

  1. Send out a tip of the week, or day and give it a catchy title. For example, if you are a baker, you may want to have a “Sweet Tooth tip of the week” or include your name in it for branding “Carlton’s Sweet Tip”.
  2. Stop covering up your brand, expose it by blogging. 70% of my revenue comes from clients who are avid readers of my blog.  Think about how you can incorporate your product or service into a blog post 2-3x a month. For example as a Relationship Coach you may want to do a 3 part series called “What’s Love Got To Do With It” part 1 and then offer an relationship laser session for $97.
  3. Get in front of a camera. Don’t be afraid to do a video every once in a blue.  This gives people the opportunity to feel like they know you better and this helps to build trust.

This is just some of the ways you can begin to get naked with your business.  It is all about exposing yourself and what you have to offer.


Do you find yourself stuck? Do you find yourself with a list of items that don’t get done, or maybe a feeling of overwhelm when you think of your to do list? Are you ready to balance maybe some of your life gradually while growing your business?

Get this Ebook and instant audio. It walks you thru the process, and makes it easy for you. Get your instant copy of F’ing Up: How to balance Family, Faith, Friends, Finances and Fitness



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11/11/11 Friday Flavor Sale

Today is 11/11/11 and I decided to offer some fabulous services and products for the price of $1.11 to $111.11  How cool is that?


Take advantage of many of the items and services that I usually chagre anywhere from $497 to $$19.97 for only $1.11 to $111.11 TODAY.


Here is the message for today: Success is not an accident.  We must prepare for it, equip ourselves with tools to increase our mindsets, our value and our position.  Harvey McKay said ” The more you learn…the more you earn.” So the question from me to you is.  Where are you headed?  and what are you doing to prepare yourself for success?  The answer is right in front of you: Its through attending seminars, listening to audios, reading books, taking classes, taking notes, doing the action work, subscribing to publications, associating yourself with those who have a winners mindset, visiting the richest place in the world which is the library, taking heed to the weekly sermons and learnign from your mentors.  That is how you can get prepared for the limitless opportunities.

So here are a few items you can begin to invest in for the 11/11/11 sale for $1.11 to $111.11

Take advantage of this great offer.


Item 1: F’ing Up ebook $11.11

This ebook talks about balancing your faith, fmaily, finances, friends and fitness.  Great book to keep you focused on what’s matters most, while accomplishing your goals.

Item 2: Corporate Mom Drop Outs book $11.11

This book has been featured on ABC, NBC as the ultimate guide to helping any mom and women who is interested in learning from other highly successful entrepreneurs who have made a smooth or almost smooth transition from corporate America to Entrepreneurship.

Item 3: 60 Minute product creation consultation $111.11

Not sure what product to create, not sure how, not sure how to place a signature mark on the industry you are an expert in?  Well this session is packed with answers to your questions and a how to, step by step formula to get the job done and start creating your info product.

Item 4: Authorize Yourself Book Writing Homestudy kit: $111.11

Ever thought about writing a book, of course you have, ever wondered about self publishing or traditional publishing? of course you have.  Well this kit is filled with information from the top gurus in the publishing world who are NY times best sellers and they each provide you with tips that will get you out of writers block into a complete book and a complete marketing plan to go with it.

Item 5: Business Improv 6 week online teleseminar: $111.11

This is an online 4 week session that starts right after Thanksgiving on 11/28 to get you in gear for the new year.  This is held both online and off and you can get access to the sign up that is only being offered to private clients.  We will act as if, in this course and get out of the fake it till you make it mentality.  In this 4 weeks you are guaranteed to walk away with a winners mindset and a direct plan of action.

Item 6: How to give a powerhouse presentation: $11.11

Get out there and let the world know you are here.  This home study kit is filled with audios and audios and written examples of what to say, how to say it and how to blow your audiences mind and walk away with $$$ and a new gig.

Item 7: Balancing The Super Mom Act ebook: $11.11

Need balance, need a system?  Well, this ebook has pages of information and links and resources on how to stay on top of your game in business and still be home in time for dinner.  Many moms have appreciated this book and non moms, used it to systematize their life.  Try this if you have a hard time getting the job done and need help with team building and organizing.


Item 8: How to Overcome Work At Home Stress Special Report: $11.11

It is not an easy job working from home.  Many corporations have used this guide to help their employees with downsizing.  This will help you avoid being stressed out and unproductive.  You will learn how to work effectively even when the there is distractions surrounding you. Trust me this is a must on the list.

Item 9: How to Build A Money Earning List in 90days Special Report: $11.11

List building takes time and so does networking.  This special report will guide you through some simple yet effective strategies that will move your fans, to subscribers and your followers into clients.

Item 10: 55 Products in 52 weeks Special Report: $11.11

Ever heard the statement, “If you build it they will come…..” This gives you 55 products that you can build so that the target audience can come buy.  If you don’t have a solution to a problem then you are a part of the problem. Create something that can teach someone else how to achieve or accomplish ……(fill in the blanks) with your product.

Item 11: Bonus access into the Activate membership for one month free.


Pick Your Friday Flavor



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Completion wins the day!

I decided to go on a social media, blogging and email break, thanks to the advice from one of my accountability partners Todd Jones of Cuzins Duzin.

I learned to do this every so often to get stuff done without distractions. Every so often I catch myself doing a lot of stuff and get nowhere fast.  I have to stay focused on the results and not the fact that I have a lot going on.  I prefer to have a little going on and making a lot of money, than having a lot going on making a little money.

I decided that I needed to scale back a bit and focus on results. Results for me look like completing information products that can support others in accelerating. Having products, tangible or e-version is important.  It makes it a lot easier for me to do what I need to do and support others without giving my time, undivided attention or intellectual property for free.

Educating is my goal for this season and when you educate you help people to understand why they should do business with you. For example: I love going to Stop and Shop because they always have their signature 10 for $10 sale and they always keep their store layout clean, but when I go to Stew Leonard’s they advertise fresh food, meats and just overall healthy eating because they always promote top choice foods.  Both stores are great but one focuses on a solution of getting more for less and the other focuses on getting healthy fresh foods.


When you look at this example I want you to think about what you are creating.  Is your message consistent?  What is the overall message, what are you an expert at?  My message to the world is to dramatically increase your value in every area of your life.  My products, videos, blogs and messages are all surrounded around value, how you can increase your value to become more secure in your job, in your business, more vital to your friends and family.


People like to connect with a powerful and consistent message and it does not matter what business you are in, as long as your message and solution is results driven and consistent.


Completion wins the day!


Lucinda Cross


P.S. Have you taken advantage of the 90minute session for $97. I put it together with you in mind:


Lucinda Cross provides a myriad of products, resources, and information that enables you to launch your business with enthusiasm and guaranteed success; IF you follow her coaching and motivational tips.

Her phenomenal blogs, tutorials, and challenges provide you with an environment and mindset to achieve the goals and potential that is locked inside of each person.

She is attentive to your needs and creates a rapport with you that shows she genuinely cares about your success. I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about living their dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.
Priscilla Prince from PriSma Designs


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Why you? 10 Reasons Why They Should Work With You

Why should anyone buy your product or retain your services? What do you have to offer that makes it worth anyone’s time and/or money?

This is an uncomfortable question, but it is the secret sauce to build your business.  You must have the UNIQUE Point of Differentiation and a USP, Unique Selling Proposition.


We are all gifted with creative self expression; we all have something of value to offer.  Here is the kicker, many of us have no clue how we stand out in the marketplace.  We are not able to tell someone 10 reasons why they should buy our product, retain our service or invest their time and money in us.


Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, Iyanla Vanzant, Tony Robbins, Lisa Nichols, Gary Vaynerchuk, Chris Brogan, Ali Brown all have used creative self expression and their authentic voice to create rock star brands. They created extraordinary business models from ordinary ideas and dreams.  They demonstrated the big “WHY”.  Why you should consult with them, invest in them, showcase them and highlight them.  Why them? Because these creative visionaries moved by force, determination, passion and consistency.  They turned the ordinary business deal into an extraordinary opportunity.


If you’re going to create an extraordinary brand, you’ll need to keep showing up and showing out. You must be willing, able and ready to do something and say something interesting, relevant and transforming. You need to have a big enough WHY? Why you? Why here? Why now? Why should I choose you?


How can you create a micro product that clearly defines what you do and WHY it is important to the reader or listener?  Record using, or to add video and screen shots for illustration and demonstration purposes. Think about the following:


What are 10 problems you solve for people?

What are 10 problems that your market has?

What are 10 biggest challenges they encounter on a day to day basis?


Remember: If you are your authentic self and operate at your highest and best, you have no competition.




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The Caylee Anthony Story: Become a Nosey Community Angel

Look at how many people were enraged, swarming  outside the court room, investing their time to feed into the frenzy of a verdict that would either set Casey Anthony free or put her behind bars. (well now she is free)

My question is…where are the people praying, investing their time to be unified, and reaching out to one another? We cannot lose focus on what is really happening here.  We need to get in position to prevent something like this from happening again or at least start in our own communities to enforce safety in and outside the homes by being AWARE. Losing focus on the real reasons WHY causes us to miss the opportunity to see warning signs and smoke signals that may be going off by another  little girl somewhere who is being kidnapped, raped, tortured, abused by her stressed out parents or by some deranged stranger.

This is just one case that should wake up the communities, we are all responsible when it comes to a neglected child.  We need to check in on our neighbors, and locals.  There is a stressed, burned out, overwhelmed mother/family who needs support most of the time mental help.  Yes, mental support as in a phone call, a conversation to know that someone cares, maybe even professional counseling or a simple a walk in the park by herself and a prayer.

We should not be in a community where, no one cares, until something happens. We have to care to avoid it happening.

Here are some things I am implementing in my community and feel free to share what you are working on or have in place for safety and security for these families, including our own.

1. Create a community watch board (yes, this is a group of nosey bodies who have nothing else to do but check the sex offender listings, frequent knocks on your door to say hello, they are the ones that tell your kids to be careful and don’t throw the ball in the streets.)- It’s important to know who your neighbors are.

2. Support circle: Who is a good cook in the area, who has a good cleaning service, who can watch kids, who can help with carpooling the kids to and from school, who can help with transportation to and from work, who can help out with food shopping, who can reach out to sponsor a neighborhood family. – Create a local resource manual with agency numbers and outreach support.  (Carry a bat phone; this is an inexpensive cell phone that is only used for the local community in case of an emergency you can report it, that is the only phone number you are to give out)

3. Pray meetings. Helping one another stay connected and praying for one another’s family. (Local church access on a Wednesday night, virtual meetings on the phone, or meet up in the local park or diner)

4. Play dates: where are the local parks and events that you can team up to go out together?

5. Moms night out: making sure that all the kids are in one central location or with a trusted source.  This helps you to connect with one another on a deeper and more fun level.

Don’t be afraid to be nosey, there is a child waiting for a nosey angel to save them. Remember “It takes a Village”.

Please post any resourceful phone numbers or hot lines or agencies that support families, single moms and moms in general.

Join us for our National Prayer Walk on July 30th.

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Wait Don’t Jump!: Time Management For Super Hero’s

Setting your priorities and sticking to them is a great step towards reducing your stress, but it won’t help much if you don’t have time to finish all the other menial tasks that are involved in running an at-home business. Items like billing, filing, ordering ink for your printer, and a million other little things that pile up over time still need to be done.

Let’s look at five methods to help you keep better track of where your time goes, and keep on top of your schedule:

Write everything down.

Famous productivity expert David Allen, author of Get It Done, recommend getting your to-dos out of your brain and onto paper. I can attest that this method works! When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I have found one of the greatest ways to de-stress is to sit down and write out everything I have to do that’s got my head spinning. Whether those are big projects, little five-minute tasks, or anything, it all goes down on paper as my brain is churning out the words. When I can actually see my thoughts on paper, I can start sorting and prioritizing.

Keep track of how long a task takes you.

It’s a common psychological trick we play on ourselves – we overestimate how long it takes to complete unpleasant tasks, and we underestimate how long we spend on pleasant items. Get real by writing down the actual time it takes you to do things like file papers, log receipts, and any other tedious task. Then you have a concrete estimate the next time you think, “Oh, that’s going to take all day!”

Minimize interruptions.

Turn off your email alert noise, put your phone ringer on mute, and clear your desktop before you jump into a task that requires concentration. Fewer interruptions and distractions allow you to get in that concentrating “sweet spot” where you’re humming along and working at a pleasant clip. That means you’ll get your work done faster and be less stressed. Constant interruptions ultimately result in needing to re-prioritize your day, over and over and over again. You can see how the stress you feel just keeps escalating without minimizing the interruptions each day.

Break down large projects.

Big projects – website overhauls, writing reports, planning marketing campaigns, creating a newsletter – can be overwhelming. When faced with a large project, break it up into tasks you can complete in one sitting, preferably in under 20 minutes. That way, instead of looking for a free afternoon to tackle the project all at once (which you’ll never get!), you just need to squeeze in 20 minutes here and there until the project is completed. I don’t know anyone who can’t find 20 minutes, but ask an entrepreneur to block out 8 hours for a project, and you’ll receive in turn a stunned glare.

Take advantage of “lost” time.

Our days are full of five minute breaks between activities. We call these “dead” time. You may be sitting in car-line at your child’s school, or in line at the pharmacy, or even waiting for a pot of water to boil. There you are, simply waiting for something to happen. Keep a notebook with a running list of tasks that can be completed in 5 minutes or less. Schedule an appointment, call a friend to set up a lunch date, clean out your voice mail, file your nails – anything that you know you need to do but don’t get around to doing.

Now when you have “dead” time, glance down at your notebook with the list of 5 minute tasks and start at the top.  Work your way down the list every time you find yourself with a few free minutes. You’ll be amazed at how much you accomplish when you’re ready to go!

The power of time management can have you thinking you can do it all now!  You are Superwoman!  You are Supermom!  But, before you go leaping those tall buildings, stop and take a deep breath.  There are still things beyond our control.  Yes, we can do a lot, but we can’t do it all.  Life sometimes gets in the way, even of the most on-task entrepreneur.  Let’s take a look now at how to recover from situations beyond our control.

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How many P’s are you juggling? Organizing Your Priorities

If the basics of reading and writing are learning your ABCs, the basics of work-at-home success is setting your priorities. If you don’t have a set of priorities by which to guide your business, your day, and your week, you are at the mercy of circumstance. Happenstance is for people who play the lottery; not for entrepreneurs, and definitely not for the Corporate Mom Dropout who has to juggle everything and everybody.

You sit down at the computer to begin work on your to-do list, and the emails start coming in. Instead of having a way to rate the importance and urgency of each request and item on your list, you just respond to whatever is front and center – which is usually whatever email or phone call has come in most recently. Then the end of the day comes, and you still have as many items on your to-do list as you started with. The stress starts to mount as your business goals recede farther and farther into the distance.

So what’s the solution? Setting priorities. When you have a list of goals and priorities, you have a map for your future.

My advice is to set one or two business objectives for each quarter of the year. You may choose to launch a new product the first quarter of the year, revamp your website during the second quarter, create marketing materials for the third quarter, and develop an outsourcing strategy for the fourth quarter.

The following is my favorite process for breaking down a large objective into daily, weekly, and monthly priorities:

  • Start with your quarterly objective.
  • Ask yourself, what would have to happen this month to achieve this objective?
  • What would have to happen this week?
  • What would have to happen today?

Once you have defined what needs to happen each day, week, month, and quarter, put those items on your calendar and to-do list with a big star next to them. Now you know what has to be completed every day before you start answering phone calls or emails. No matter what the rest of the day brings, you know you have completed the things that will most move your business forward.

This small routine will help reduce your stress because you’ll no longer lie in bed, wondering what the heck you accomplished that day. Instead, you will have taken concrete steps towards achieving your most important goals. (P.S. This works great with personal goals, too!).

Now that you have your priorities set for each day, week, month, and quarter, how will you know if all that work will fit into your schedule?  Let’s take a look at how you can manage those fleeting 24 hours we all have to work within.  If you want more of this series you can visit the Success Store for the mp3 download with handouts delivered to you instantly.

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America’s Most Wanted: Unethical Internet Marketers

News Flash: Unethical Internet Marketers are caught stealing hopes and dreams

If you ever invested in your business, you may relate to this.

As a “preneur”, entrepreneur, mompreneur, infopreneur, solopreneur etc…, you are constantly looking for golden nuggets that will help you build your business. During my journey, I have experienced unethical Internet Marketers all selling the same thing, different name, same game.  Well I am proud to say, “Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, I am free at last”.

There is a set of internet marketers who are out to make a quick buck, and they could care less about you and your business.  We must use discernment when it comes to linking our vision to an individual whom may appear to be a trusted advisor. Do not let their fancy titles and large list fool you, look at what these people are really selling.  I have invested over 30k in my business and ½ of that was a hard lesson to learn.

Watch who is teaching you, and making deposits into your business. I was told by one of my mastermind members that authenticity and integrity went out the door after Thomas Leonard passed. If you don’t know about him, Google him, and if you want to see the fruits of his labor check out the awesome Andrea Lee who is depositing doses of truth, reality, purpose and authenticity back into the coaching world.

I refuse to gamble my money that I work hard for to another “Power Puff doll guru in training” and walk out with just another book shelf collector’s item. I refuse to give up my time to someone who is practicing with my vision, or has elevated to a point where they no longer give value and I am just another number on their list.

Here are some unethical tips to write down. Matter of fact, print this out and email it to your entrepreneurial friends.

Unethical tip #1.

It’s important that you be aware of anything that sounds unethical or illegal. Paying something for nothing is a red flag off the bat. Swindles crop up all the time, so you need to make yourself aware of their existence. Follow the adage that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Also, listen to sales pitches with both ears open and do plenty of research before you make any commitments.

Unethical tip #2.

Some Internet marketers use fluffed up language to mislead customers to believe in the benefits that don’t actually exist. You’ve probably seen advertisements with pictures of private jets, exotic cars; expensive vacations that lead the reader to believe that, 1) the business owner on the website is living this lifestyle, or 2) the opportunity or product being promoted can provide this kind lifestyle for you. However, it is the blatant or intentional misleading, or implication of unrealistic expectations that borders the unethical in the internet marketing world.

Unethical tip #3.

Do your research. Use Google search, call up the testimonials they have listed on the sales page or the website. Just as if you were checking out a new community to live in, you would checkout the schools, the neighborhood, the stores, the convenience and etc, same thing goes for your business.

Sidebar: Keep your eyes open…If you have a story or a company that you would like to warn us about, please share so that the next “preneur” does not get burned. I really hold my clients close and refuse to allow you to fall into the same traps I did. Don’t follow the glitz and glamour.

Tweet this and you can get a chance to win a copy of Corporate Mom Drop Outs revised eversion.


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