The Gift Of Adversity

The gift of adversity.

Sometimes adversity ends in sweet success, and sometimes it’s in the funk of failure.

One thing that we can all agree on is that adversity forces us to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

The english college that we have to deal with in life challenges us to find our inner strength, and to find strengths we didn’t even know we had, to tackle
problems we had no idea how to solve, and most importantly how to go against the odds.

We come out the other side a different person, with a new perspective and appreciation for life.

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Get out of the “Waiting Room” in your life

Most people are uncomfortable speaking their truth.

Most people are afraid to step into their power.

Most people get frightened at the thought of  embracing a new mindset. I know I was when it was time for me to come out of my shell and share my most intimate and valuable life lessons.  The moment I embraced my expertise and life experiences my world changed. That is the moment I realized that my story is not about me. My story is about the hundreds of women I am exposed to every month.

Your story needs a stage.  I am not necessary talking about public speaking but your public message to the world that radiates all that you stand for as a women, as a spiritual being.

Let 2013 work hard for you rather than you work hard for it.

Is there is a talent you want to share?

Is there an event you want you have?

Is there a book you would finally like to write?

Your story (your truth), needs a stage, a presence and position in the world.

2013 is the time for being plush, radical and off the radar.  The time to celebrate your story & your voice. Many of my clients tell me they are seeking their purpose in life; they’re waiting for that magical epiphany where their mission becomes clear in terms of speaking/writing.  2013 is the year for main stage, time to get out of the “waiting room” of life & celebrate your voice & your story in a plush, radical & off the radar manner. Here is a picture of my ideal stage for my 2013 celebration?


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About me:

My name is Lucinda Cross and I was Joan of Arc in my former life…just kidding. I am the person you call when you are ready to take your story, your expertise or your experience and create a signature platform. I support women in writing and speaking their truth and standing in their power.

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Lucinda Cross – The Activator of Your Inner Voice

Heralded as “The Super Woman of “Owning Your Voice,” Lucinda Cross has the super power to take your experience, your story and your message to the world and create profitable opportunities for success by showing you how to set your own stage and build your own platform. Lucinda teaches her clients how to exponentially grow using their voice to speak, write, create programs and events using Activate strategies with little to no support or marketing budget!

Lucinda is available for key notes, trainings, workshops, coaching, interviews. bookings@lucindacross.com



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New Author Tip #4 Eliminate Time Wasters

New Author Tip #4 Eliminate Time Wasters

I want you to identify three to five time wasters and get rid of them. If you are an email junkie, Quit! If you are a phone addict, Quit! If you are spending too much time doing a bunch of minor task, Stop!

Take a look at how you spend your time, and honestly assess your time usage. It will be hard for you to complete your book and all the task that is needed to effectively promote, sell and position your book for success if your all over the place. The thing I hear most often from soon-to-be authors is “I don’t have enough time to write!” And guess what…that’s why they remain “soon-to-be authors.”

Not enough time?

When you really want something you make the time. If you are truly committed, you will make time for something you truly desire. If not, then you are just kidding yourself and wasting your own time just adding on more task that you don’t plan on completing.

I want you to write down a writing schedule.  Schedule regular time slots to work on your book and your marketing plan. If you’re a morning person get up an hour earlier. Usually around 5am/6am, the hour right before the sun rises is one of the most creative times of day. If you’re a night owl, such as myself, stay up an hour later and get to work. Either way, give yourself a regular slot of at least sixty minutes per day (2 hours is even sweeter) three to five time per week.

If you have children, schedule your time to work when they are doing their activities or take them to the park. Find a way to make it happen. The most important thing is to get into a rhythm and stick with it. Don’t use children, family, job or some other excuse for not writing your book. They are the reason you should write your book…think Legacy…think Generation…think Catalyst!

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New Author Tip #2: Purpose driven writing and the big WHY

New Author Tip #2: Purpose driven writing and the big WHY

Why are you writing this book?

Why is this topic relevant?

Why someone would read it besides your Nana and your best friend?

This is the day that you answer the big why questions.  The answers to your big why will be the reason why your book is chosen by book clubs, organizations, presentations and maybe even used as a teaching module.

Determine your books purpose, and post it on your writing journal. Surround yourself with the purpose because it will motivate you to keep on keeping on.  The purpose is what turns your book into a gift of meaning to others to become the best version of themselves. Your book is the book that will help people accomplish or achieve— ‘more love,’ ‘more health,’ ‘more money’ or ‘to tap into their potential or hidden assets,’ ‘awaken their passion.’ You get the idea!

All of this must be determined before you put the pen to the pad or the finger to the keyboard. Meditate on the questions and the big why. Your books purpose is the foundation of your “author platform,” It’s where your book comes from, and how the books purpose will be driven to the hearts and minds of the readers. This is what will breathe life into the book.

Resource: Put your title to the test using http://www.lulu.com/titlescorer/

Are you writing a book or thinking about writing a book?  Connect with me for more information on the Authors basic writing workshop. http://tungle.me/lucindacross.com



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New Author tip #1: Please don’t expect to get rich tomorrow

August is dedicated to new authors.

New Author Tip#1: Please don’t expect to get rich tomorrow.


There’s a big misconception going around that if you self-publish a book you will have overnight success on your launch day, and have thousands of sales, and can take four vacations a years, buy a house and quit your day job.


While I wish this was true, it is not.


Most of the self-published authors I know (including myself), are on the marketing and promotional grind—daily, hourly.  Why? Because writing doesn’t generally make you stacks and stacks of money. There are some exceptions to the rule. But unless you are one of the 1% that strike a chord with OWN network and somehow end up on Oprah’s reading list, then keep your day job or your business in full operation. Write for the message, for the love, for the experience, for the potential opportunities and write to YES make a profit but to also make a change in the hearts and minds of your readers.


If you are considering self-publishing your works, it is true that sites like Amazon, Smash words, Create space, Lulu.com, Lightning Source and Barnes & Noble make becoming an independent author much easier. Yes, you can now self-publish your books and have as much visibility to the public as Jack Canfield. But you still have to do the marketing, and you still have to write a quality book. Key words are marketing and quality.  You have to start to develop your reader fan base ASAP.


Self publishing is about hitting a trend while it’s hot and riding that trend till the wheels fall off, or in our case until the words fall off the pages.  The book is like your business card, your access key to really make the big bucks. So when considering your first or third book, consider the trend, the reader fan base and position you want the book to place you in when published.


May 21st was my book launch, I sold thousands of copies but the real work started 6 months before the release and now I am on double time positioning my book in a way to set me up for government contracts, workshops and empowerment trainings.  The Road to Redemption is not paying the mortgage, the contracts I receive while I am on the road to redemption is.


Set your expectations and intentions right at the start, everything else will just flow.

Resource: http://www.shewrites.com (great community to be a part of)


Want to be a part of the next Write It Already 6 week workshop that starts in September sign up now by clicking here.



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Don’t let FEAR bully you

The FEAR bully never sleeps.  Just because you have made  strides to fight FEAR and be this FEARless being…FEAR is a bully, it’s like the boogie man. It will show up in the form of your mom, dad, children, supervisor, husband, you name it.  But here is the remedy: Activation!…FEAR and Activation can’t be in the same room, because there will be a good old western cowboy show down.

I remember during one of my workshops FEAR popped its head in and was loud and boisterous.  Side bar: FEAR will lose control if it feels like its being challenged, it will get loud or either tries to complain and cop a plea to get out.

So during my presentation, I addressed an issue that was bound to bring the FEAR out of the room and I talked about self sabotage. Well as soon as I addressed self sabotage in great detail, FEAR started to talk out loud, someone’s FEAR even made them leave the room.  Now this is not because I was challenging them personally, but I was fostering a breakthrough using change strategies and FEAR wanted to fight back so that it would not be exposed.

In short, I called FEAR to the front of the room to be exposed and BAM! POW! BOOM! FEAR left the individual alone and the person was mentally free and focused enough to enjoy the rest of the workshop and receive her blessing.

Please don’t let FEAR stop you from getting married, moving on with your life, starting a business, apologizing, forgiving, succeeding or even speaking or writing that book.  FEAR and Activation can’t be in the same room, so who are you going to let rule your next step?

If you are interested in how to write that book, when to write that book, what you should write that book about and then what to do before, during and after you write the book—- join me on June 4th at 9pm EST (Call in Number 218-895-0814 Primary Passcode225323#) for a brief preview session on a workshop I have designed just for you called “Write It Already!”. It’s available in both live and webinar format for your convenience.  The preview call is free and will offer a chuck full of information. Here is the call in information, place it on your calendar, so you don’t forget.

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Do you want success or do you want more sleep?

1.         Claim it

Whoever you are claiming to be, whatever experience or skill you possess, let’s claim it and believe it.  If you do not believe in yourself, people will smell the uncertainty and the mixed messages you are sending out.  If you are a speaker, you should figure out what kind of speaker, what topic you speak about it and the people you touch with your unique message.  Believing in you, feeling worthy and confident in the level and status you are at right now is the key to claiming it.  You must walk the walk and talk the talk.  People sense a fraud, so don’t be a hypocrite to your calling.  Avoid claiming to be the Profit coach, and you complain to your friends about how hard times are and how this recession has stopped your business growth.

2.         Write it

Position your expertise in words, whether it’s your words or someone else’s. Start to provide free content to your audience. Visualization is important for those who like to read, who like to reference and like to research your topic of discussion.  If you like to bake, why not write about ingredients, exotic spices, seasonings that can be used in multiple ways. You can discuss how people can cook great meals for a family of four or five on a budget.  If you are not a writer, grab someone else’s recipes and post it up as the recipe of the day (make sure you reference the source), get contributing writers that will write an article for your blog weekly or monthly.

3.         Speak it

Start to record one minute segments or infomercials, and place them on your blog or connect the link to your social media sites. You can use systems such as http://www.audacity.com which is free recording software.

Connect with Toastmasters to practice speaking in front of groups, you will find that this will help you with your online video recordings and will help to boost your on air confidence and presence.

Following these three steps is a start. It will help build a platform and a foundation in your expertise and your industry…  people are waiting for you to step out and do something. Let’s start with claiming it, writing about it and speaking about it to everyone we know.


When you look at these 3 strategies, there is no time to be side tracked and definitely no time to sleep. If you are looking for mattresses san diego, click here.

Start today what are you waiting for! Do you want to succeed or do you want to sleep?

How do you overcome challenges?

How do you overcome detours?

How do you get your passion back?

Read the Road to Redemption….

Click on the image to pre-order your copy today!
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7 Steps to Recovery for Email-aholics

The first step is to admit that you have a problem. Once you admit that you are addicted to emails is a good sign that you know you need help.  Checking your emails morning, noon and night is an indication that you are addicted to “missing out”.  You will not miss out if you take a shower without your phone.  You will not miss out if you eat breakfast without scrolling through your emails.

The second step is to acknowledge you need help. This is where we ask that you say I_________have an addiction to emails and I acknowledge that I need help.

The third step is to ignore the notifications. Receiving emails does not mean you have to answer all of them.
This specifically applies to the cc’d emails. Receiving emails is a process. You have to open, review, think, write and review again before replying. My advice is, only reply when you really have to.

The fourth step is to organize your emails. Flag those emails that you are not replying immediately to. You can do this after reviewing the email and move them to a @Reply folder. This enables you to differentiate them from other emails by flagging them to be replied to immediately.

The fifth step is to filter unimportant and pleasure mail. Particular senders are better black listed. The individuals known to either send or forward non important stuff to you are better filtered out from the inbox. This will enable you to read them at your on pleasure since they are placed in a special folder.

The six step is to create folders. Move the emails that you are not in hurry to read to the @Read folder. Apply this to those emails you have started reading and found there is no need for urgent reply. They are better manually filtered to @Read folder where a particular time is allocated for reading all of them.

The seventh step is to schedule review time. Reviewing the folders is better done at a scheduled time. This is best done at a time that will not affect the working hours and specifically applies to those emails that are carbon copied and memos since they act as point of information and do not call for the need to reply to them immediately.  Scheduling in email time 3x a day can save you time.

Bonus tip: Hire someone to review your emails for you, forward you the important emails, and organize the other messages for a more convenient reading time. You can get help for $5 check out http://fiverr.com/

I hope these tips will be helpful to you in managing your emails. May you enjoy every moment of email communication without tweaking out.



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4 Tips to Creating Knock-Out Content

Producing content on a consistent basis can be very challenging and you may find yourself pulling your hair out when it comes time to writing another article, drafting another blog post, preparing another outline. If you’re not a content producer, sooner or later you’re going to come to the point where you have to ask yourself: “What am I going to write about?” Here are some tips that I use that can help you when it comes to coming up with content ideas.

Tip #1 – Explain an Expert’s Concept

One great way to produce some killer content is to take some of your favorite quotes and expert ideas and use them as discussion topics for your content.

For example, if you’re running a business blog, you might take an idea like Donald Trump’s “it takes as much effort to think small as it does to think big, so you might as well think big”. You can take this quote and turn it into a blog post about goals and planning or thinking big according to millionaires.


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