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3 Ways To Set Your Next Presentation On FIRE

Presentations require energy and effort.  This will give you the edge you need in order to rock your audience and give them more than what they expect.





Here are 3 ways to set your next presentation on FIRE that I personally use:

  1. Try your best to find out about your audience and the state of mind they are in. This will help you to craft the right message and have the right amount of energy. Think of what your audience is expecting and then surprise them by doing more.
  2. Give your audience more than two reasons to invite you back for a repeat performance.  Show them that you are an expert in your field. Show your personality, be open and down to earth. Use humor gracefully and graciously.
  3. Connect with your audience. Intellectual involvement will ignite your them. Get them involved- intellectually, emotionally and maybe physically without over doing it. This allows them to become a part of the performance. (This is what most concert performers do, they get people to sing along, rock and sway, jump and shout. The people feel like they attended one of the best concerts ever because they were a part of the performance.)

* Have a signature opening and closing. You can play music or a movie clip before you start or you can close with an exercise or poem for example. Be creative

After you set your presentation on FIRE and the audience is well fed.  Think about what you want to happen next.  What action steps do you want your audience to take away after your presentation?  Stephen Covey, author of  The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People stated ” begin with the end in mind.” You should know what you want your audience to come away with and this will help you with delivering a power house, on FIRE presentation.

Check out some presentations on TEDx http://www.ted.com/


Looking to create that signature presentation?

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The Silent Killer Is Keeping It A Secret

How many people do you think were freed by Magic Johnson’s story? or Les Brown’s Story? What about Tony Robbins?

What about S. Monique Smith-Person, Advocate for missing and exploited children and author of I Am The Ancestor?

or Christine Carter Founder of The Against All Odds Organization, Geneva Farrow Founder of A Young Mothers D.R.E.A.M and Joan Wilson author of  The Corner Woman and Advocate for The National Kidney Foundation to name a few?

From survivors of terminal illness, domestic violence, homelessness, child abuse, exploitation and other test and trails that life dished out. These trail blazers are now living testimonies that are healing a nation and saving communities.

Your mission must be bigger than your scars and wounds from life. You were chosen, you are chosen.  You have been through obstacles and challenges and maybe still going and growing through it, but the breakthrough, the comeback, the fact that you are being set up to do something greater is part of the remarkable process.

I applaud you, standing ovation and encore for being unique. Your story is unique, your trials and tribulations are unique and so is the outcome.  I have learned to be free, totally.  Refusing to allow my past to dictate and predict my future.  I refuse to allow my scars and wounds to be the source of my pride but humbled by the fact that I was chosen to go through and grow through the process of strength, tenacity and endurance to prove that I am cut out for my mission. I am not going to allow a “boo boo” or “life hiccup” to keep me in bondage and fear and neither should you.

The silent killer is keeping it a secret.  If you are wondering why YOU, look at the benefits of what you can do to heal, save, inspire and uplift OTHERS with your story of victory, overcoming and simply thriving and surviving against all odds.

I challenge you to join the #BeRedeemed movement. Life starts the moment you breath life into your situation.  Join me as I am on my Road to Redemption.  Read more by clicking here.


Lucinda Cross is available for bookings contact her at lucinda@lucindacross.com

Lucinda Cross is available for coaching and consulting send an email to her assistant Jeny Murillo to get set up assistant@lucindacross.com

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Twitter Party: 2 Tweet Minimum #BeRedeemed


Pre-Release Twitter Party for new book “The Road to Redemption: Overcoming Life’s Detours, Obstacles and Challenges”.

  • No cover charge
  • If you don’t have access to a computer, you can Twitter-pool with someone who does
  • From the comfort of your iPad, phone, laptop or desktop, no need for the shoes that look cute but hurt
  • No need for a babysitter, bring the little bundle of love with you
  • You don’t even have to be home, party right where you are, on the metro, in the gas station, at the salon or in the laundry room…
  • There is a 2 Tweet minimum: meaning you have to post at least 2 tweets during the party or answer 2 questions or answers

Join us this Thursday, April 19th at 1pm ET or 8pm ET for a #BeRedeemed pre-release book twitter party focused on the new book “The Road to Redemption” set to be released on Amazon May 21st. We all have areas of our life where we just need a little nudge in the right direction to get unstuck. We may feel like we hit the “sleep” button on our clock. Now is the time to take control of the life you really want to live. Come chat with us about how the Road to Redemption will show you how to get out of your comfort zone to achieve your goals.


Let’s get our tweet on!


Come meet your co-host, check out the bonus give-a-ways, and others who have already RSVP’d. Click here for more details


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Show and Tell: 3 Elements to a Great Presentation

Remember in grade school you had “Show and Tell” day.  Well as an adult “Show and Tell” day is every day. Your performance and your presentation is more than what you know, and what you’ve done in the past; it’s about what you do with what you know. Your reputation is a combination of how you show up and what you do when you show up in life.  How are you showing and telling in your day to day interactions? For example when you are interacting online as motivational speaker and your post are complaints and mishaps. There are no time-outs, or do-over’s when it comes to our performance in life. All it takes is an instant to touch someone-or to undermine a lifetime of good “Show and Tell” performances.

Every moment is an opportunity to shine. Regardless of your position or profession, you are on stage at all times.  Your local postman has a reputation to live up to, your bus driver has a reputation to live up to, your local mom and pop shop has a reputation to live up to, etc.  Your performance is ultimately not about thinking or knowing but doing. What are you going to do when it is your time to present or perform?

Here are three elements to consider:

Be innovative: Go above and beyond to establish a positive reputation and go beyond the rudimentary to hone your skills to a higher level so when you enter the room, when you show up at work, when you present your biz, etc. it supersedes your expectations.

Be committed: Discipline yourself to become better and do better than the last performance/presentation. Demonstrate that you know how to do what you do, practice and perfect what you do, and have the passion to become better.

Be consistent: Make sure your values reflect in your actions.  Be known for something.  Your performance tells a great deal about your commitment level, consistency, mastery of skills and professionalism. Consistency builds trust.

Remember this side note: performance and presentation matters. It is the “Telling” part of the “Show and Tell”. I was inspired to write this post thanks to my Twitter friend @elaynefluker who posted: “Your reputation determines what they think of U before U enter the room. Your presentation = what they think of U when you’re IN the room…”



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Your life can change at the drop of a hat…

I want you to consider this simple truth.

Your life can change at the drop of  a hat. Cherish it.

This means that giving up is never an option.  We have leaders who show up to support the community to make sure that justice is served.  They have sacrificed their own lively hood, families and “me time” to make sure that change happens, or a small voice is heard loud and clear.  Yesterday I posted a late night Activation status message on Facebook.  I realized not too long ago that it is not always going to be easy to make it through, it is not always easy to follow through and it may even get difficult to stand at times.  But, we can not give up.  We have to “try one more again baby girl” as my grandmother would say which means “give it your best shot”.

You have a purpose and renouncing that purpose will just allow injustice to happen in situations like this. Execute what you are called to do, because someone’s life depends on it. Yes it can be as modest as a 100 page book. Write it, it may hearten a mom, inspire a dad, save a child from abuse, amend a law or pioneer a movement. You never know unless you keep moving forward.

Here is the post and I hope it inpires you to push forward another day.

It may get frustrating at times, you may feel discouraged at times, you may even feel like g*v**g up. Think about how that will change your life, if you just threw in the towel. Would that make you feel better? Detach from the “I feel like doing this, I don’t feel like doing that, I’m not feeling you today & so on”. SO WHAT! You have books to write, children to raise, parents to help, a community to reach, mouths to feed, women/men to educate. Could you imagine if God did not FEEL like doing, giving or being…Don’t drop your crown because your not FEELING it today and let’s Activate anyway. Some nerve of you.


FYI: We all have areas of our life where we just need a little nudge in the right direction to get unstuck. We may feel like we hit the “sleep” button not even the snooze on our clock.  Now is the time to take control of the life you really want to live. Become a part of the Activate Me 24/7 family and I will help you breakthrough the places where you hold your fear and together we will Activate the life you desire. If you need private one on one support go here https://www.lucindacross.com/sales and you will get the first 3 months of membership free. We are in this together.

Contact me today at assistant@lucindacross.com


Condolences go out to the Martin family and the community who is hurting from this tragedy.  We are praying for you. If you would like to connect with the Martin family please contact The National Action Network. As a other of 3 small children I could not imagine this happening and neither could Mrs. Martin. We are praying for peace, truth and love to be restored in the family who is mourning and the community who is hurting.

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Do you want success or do you want more sleep?

1.         Claim it

Whoever you are claiming to be, whatever experience or skill you possess, let’s claim it and believe it.  If you do not believe in yourself, people will smell the uncertainty and the mixed messages you are sending out.  If you are a speaker, you should figure out what kind of speaker, what topic you speak about it and the people you touch with your unique message.  Believing in you, feeling worthy and confident in the level and status you are at right now is the key to claiming it.  You must walk the walk and talk the talk.  People sense a fraud, so don’t be a hypocrite to your calling.  Avoid claiming to be the Profit coach, and you complain to your friends about how hard times are and how this recession has stopped your business growth.

2.         Write it

Position your expertise in words, whether it’s your words or someone else’s. Start to provide free content to your audience. Visualization is important for those who like to read, who like to reference and like to research your topic of discussion.  If you like to bake, why not write about ingredients, exotic spices, seasonings that can be used in multiple ways. You can discuss how people can cook great meals for a family of four or five on a budget.  If you are not a writer, grab someone else’s recipes and post it up as the recipe of the day (make sure you reference the source), get contributing writers that will write an article for your blog weekly or monthly.

3.         Speak it

Start to record one minute segments or infomercials, and place them on your blog or connect the link to your social media sites. You can use systems such as http://www.audacity.com which is free recording software.

Connect with Toastmasters to practice speaking in front of groups, you will find that this will help you with your online video recordings and will help to boost your on air confidence and presence.

Following these three steps is a start. It will help build a platform and a foundation in your expertise and your industry…  people are waiting for you to step out and do something. Let’s start with claiming it, writing about it and speaking about it to everyone we know.


When you look at these 3 strategies, there is no time to be side tracked and definitely no time to sleep. If you are looking for mattresses san diego, click here.

Start today what are you waiting for! Do you want to succeed or do you want to sleep?

How do you overcome challenges?

How do you overcome detours?

How do you get your passion back?

Read the Road to Redemption….

Click on the image to pre-order your copy today!
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Turn Your Experience Into Your Empire

How can you turn your trials into a turnkey business?

How can you monetize your message?

At first when I started speaking I told myself and others that I did not care if I was speaking to a chair, when the truth of the matter is that I did care.  I wanted to be heard and the chairs and four walls just would not cut it.  I wanted to heal someone else with my message, the chair can NOT identify with my message.

At some point we all have walked a similar path. Experiences are not a black thing or a women only thing.  No matter what culture you look at, the journey is pretty much predictable. Think about how you can prevent someone from going through what you went through, how can you support someone in going through it after it has happened. Whatever it may be…poverty, homelessness, success strategies, single parenting, family issues, career to business, or from being in business to getting back to the work force. Whatever “IT” is, it can be monetized and leveraged.

You are meant to make it happen. Any doubts you feel are holding you back and robbing the world of your special past experience. YOU are a blessing to someone else, you are a shero/hero in the making.

In honor of Women’s Month, I have reached out to this phenomenal woman who has turned her experience into an non-profit empire.  Her name is Jas Boothe founder of http://www.finalsaluteinc.org.  She will be speaking tonight to my Activate members and those who have taken the Lead-her-ship class at 8pm.



Schedule Lucinda Cross to Speak Call 347-634-5564

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Lucinda Cross





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Dressed Up Fears Reek

I am excited to say that I just finished another Saturday Night Live Vision Board Party in Maryland this weekend.  We had a blast and we also had to face some uncomfortable realizations.  The event was awesome, the setting was just right and everything looked wonderful. Often times when I am coaching, speaking and even presenting I am faced with powerful individuals who have dressed up their fears.  Consciously or subconsciously their fears follow them and may even try to speak for them.

I remember the days I would be on an assignment with my mentor and I reeked with fear.  I would dress my fear up every day because I was wanted to hide my inadequacies.  I would present myself as passionate, but fearful, confident, but fearful, bold, but fearful, courageous, but fearful.  I had dressed up my fears for so long that they became a part of my daily routine just like brushing my teeth.  Get up, say my prayer, thank God for health, wealth and wisdom, brush my teeth, get dressed and start my day running in hot pursuit towards my goals, oh! I grabbed my fears and put them on and then went on with my day.

Dropping fears is like quitting a bad habit.  I was addicted to fear.  I would have cold sweats and hot flashes as my fears where being removed.  When you know how tap into your inner strengths, you are well on your way to overcoming the obstacles life placed in your way-just like I have. I fight my fears with faith.  I no longer dress them up because I address them before they get comfortable residing in my daily walk.

Drop your fears like a bad habit…I recommend you read Strengths Finder2.0 by Tom Rath.  It’s a great book to help you to operate from a place of strengths.

Become an Activator today by visiting https://www.lucindacross.com/activate


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The Trust Exchange: You Have To Understand People

Our survival in business and even in life, depends on us developing trust and being authentic in this crazy and mixed up world.  It may take sometime for you to understand people and the importance of communicating with people in order to develop the trust that is needed to get to second base. But you have to work on getting clear and focused as to what you stand for and believe in before approaching others who are interested in doing business with you or connecting with you on a deeper level.

If you really want to help people then work on your 1st base so that you can get to 2nd base.

1st base is to be honest and authentic to avoid cincism.  Say what you mean, do what you say you will do, and create a communication space that speaks true for you whether you are online or in person.

2nd base is when people open up to you because they feel as if you understand them.  This is when they are ready to buy and connect with you. Since trust is a feeling you have to make sure the message you are projecting are clear, focused and positive and they are receptive to what you are saying both verbally and non verbally with integrity.

Do you understand the people you are approaching?

Do you understand your targets wants vs. their needs?

Do you understand the mindset of your audience or customer?

What messages can you project both verbally and non verbally to develop trust?

One of the biggest complaints that most people have is that they feel that “she did not understand my problem” ” I don’t trust her, she did not follow through as promised”. Trust can be lost in a micro minute if you send off the wrong messages.  Not everyone will agree with your method and your beliefs but they must all agree that you are a man or woman of your word and you operate in integrity for their best interest.  This will keep your doors of opportunity open.

Activate: Develop a trust statement.  Meaning that you have a statement that you project to the world that they can trust you and hold you accountable for. Here is an example from a radio station:

The Shine Statement of Trust

Our Guarantee to You:

Here at Louisville’s Shine 105.9 FM, we’re working hard to be a radio station designed for families. Shine 105.9 is a station that you can listen to anytime, anywhere and one that will never embarrass you in front of your children. We want you to know that we don’t just say it, we mean it! That’s why we give you the Shine 105.9 Statement of Trust! No songs with filthy lyrics, rude or crude humor, or commercials that are unsafe for families.

We need your help! If you ever hear anything that you may think violates the Shine 105.9 Statement of Trust, please let us know. We welcome your e-mails at Shine1059@gmail.com.

With your help we will continue to make Shine 105.9 your favorite radio station. The station that listens to you. Thanks for listening to Shine 105.9 FM.

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Become A “What’s Next” Leader In Your Industry

Image from © 2011 Young & Free

Developing a what’s happening today and that can change tomorrow type of mindset. It is easy for you to look at what is going on and buzzing around in your industry trend for today, but when it comes to “what’s next” for tomorrow you have to be ahead of the learning curve.


Every idea is fragile and must be protected for longevity.  What is going to happen next in your industry and how can you begin to implement the next trend in your business before it is exposed? I want you to pick one of your fabulous ideas that you are willing to fight for and put together a beta test. Test out your ideas, pilot your ideas, work out the kinks. Be willing to fail forward when it comes to being the “what’s next” leader.

Learn from the challenges that are presented.

Learn from the success.

Don’t focus on working in perfection, focus on working in excellence.  Become a change agent for yourself first and then become an activator that understands the in’s and out’s of your position and role in your leadership role as a business owner, ministry leader, artist, executive, this list goes on.  Whatever position you hold right now in life be the one who is thought of as the “go to person” for the “what’s next”.


Activate: Take 2 hours a day for the next 7 days and research where your indistry is headed in the next 10, 20 or 50 years. What is needed for the ideas you have for today to be even more successful and needed for tomorrow? For example if you are a coach, how can you create a program for the coaching industry that other coaches can use.  How can you begin to license your intellectual capital to be used in corporate training?





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